Potato and Rosemary Pizza with Broccoli Pesto

Not too long ago, I posted a picture on Instagram.  It was of the last slice of an amazing home-made sour-dough pizza that I had intended to blog about, but it was so delicious that it all got eaten before any photos were taken (does that ever happen to you?).So we decided to replicate it.  SadlyContinue reading “Potato and Rosemary Pizza with Broccoli Pesto”

Broad Bean Pasta with Parmesan

J hadn’t really ever had a vegetable garden until we started our small plot here, and I suppose this also leads on to the fact that he hadn’t eaten a lot of vegetables straight from the plant.  This year I’ve been able to see the joy on his face as he watches things grow fromContinue reading “Broad Bean Pasta with Parmesan”

Homemade Pizza Bases

I’m away at the moment adventuring, but really wanted to share this amazing pizza recipe with you.  Enjoy!I don’t like too many toppings, just a couple for me.  A delicious homemade sauce, maybe BBQ, some cheese, a vegetable or two and maybe even some local free range meat.  I like a reasonably thick base, notContinue reading “Homemade Pizza Bases”

Guest Post: Harvest Veggie Stew

The blogging community is really a wonderful place.  With only 3 weeks before our 5 week long trip in Nepal, I realised that I needed to sort something out for my blog.  Heather is wonderful and jumped at the opportunity to share an Autumnal Recipe from where it is currently Summer. I look forward toContinue reading “Guest Post: Harvest Veggie Stew”

Moroccan Carrot Dip

A small barn, no bigger than our kitchen, tables line the walls, a small selection of vegetables sitting atop them. The Buy Bellarine Produce barn is where we buy our fruit and vegetables once a week. The market is only open on Saturday’s and only supplies locally grown, seasonal produce. We buy only what theyContinue reading “Moroccan Carrot Dip”

Raw Ingredients

The cold and gloomy weather could not keep us inside any more, so yesterday morning we decided to step outside… “shock horror”, you might say, “in this weather?!?!?!” (for those in the Northern Hemisphere, or even just Northern Australia, imagine COLD!) But there was markets to be visited and yummy food to be eaten, soContinue reading “Raw Ingredients”