In My Garden… August 2013

It’s been a joy to come home to our garden!  Being away for 5 weeks, I wasn’t sure which way our garden would go, either it could have all been eaten or it could have flourished.  Luckily, the later was true! This garden under our window sill, houses beetroot, silver beet and brussel sprouts.  IContinue reading “In My Garden… August 2013”

Guest Post: Harvest Veggie Stew

The blogging community is really a wonderful place.  With only 3 weeks before our 5 week long trip in Nepal, I realised that I needed to sort something out for my blog.  Heather is wonderful and jumped at the opportunity to share an Autumnal Recipe from where it is currently Summer. I look forward toContinue reading “Guest Post: Harvest Veggie Stew”