Home Made Tomato Sauce

The days are cooling down here but there are still bowls of tomatoes in our fridge and I can’t think of enough ways to use them. I’ve made bolognese with fresh tomatoes, roast tomato risotto, roast tomato pizzas, every combination of tomato and basil and been eating them fresh. Sadly, there’s not a lot coming fromContinue reading “Home Made Tomato Sauce”

In My Kitchen, March 2013

In my kitchen… … is this incredible bunch of basil.  We bought it from the local farmers market nearly 3 weeks ago, and it just keeps growing.  We stripped is back to make pesto, and just keep filling the jar up with water, now we get small leaves for pasta sauces, pizzas and bruschettas. In my kitchen…Continue reading “In My Kitchen, March 2013”