Entertaining a Toddler without Electricity

When we visited Wollangarra I was pretty weary about how we were going to entertain Elliot for two whole weeks without television. We don’t use the TV a lot but it does help with having some quiet time, and on rainy days. So I printed out a play dough recipe and I knew that I […]

How We Structure Our Day With A Nearly Two Year Old

Toddler routines has been a hot topic for me recently. How myself and others structure their days with their nearly two year olds is something I’ve been particularly curious about. I love hearing how others do it, and I’m always happy to share our day with anyone who asks. We’ve always been big into routine since […]

Cheesy-Mite Scroll

I know Australia Day was yesterday and I’m a little late to the party but I really wanted to share this cheesy-mite scroll recipe and a little about my first baking experience with Elliot. I love to bake, sugary sweet treats, muffins, cookies, cakes anything but I also love to be ordered, quick and in […]