Amaze-balls! Raw Seed and Dried Fruit Power Balls.

I never thought I could be hungrier than while I was pregnant. I didn’t eat too much more than usual, but I did eat constantly. Since I’ve started breast feeding I’ve been absolutely famished, needing constant food and snacking on things that aren’t necessarily great for me, biscuits, cakes, brownies. So I needed to findContinue reading “Amaze-balls! Raw Seed and Dried Fruit Power Balls.”

Upside Down Peach Syrup Cake

We have this weird block behind our house.  It’s land locked, 572m2 (most of which is the drive way), and it’s completely bare except for a peach tree. For about a week a year, the peach tree become so laden with fruit that the branches reach down to the ground.  So, throughout that week forContinue reading “Upside Down Peach Syrup Cake”

Limes, limes and more limes.

With the lime curd I made last week I thought that I’d make some lime meringue cupcakes. I love lime (lemon) meringue pie, and I love cupcakes, so thought it’d be a fantastic combination! I just made a simple patty cakes, just like these ones here.  Once they had cooled down, I scooped out aContinue reading “Limes, limes and more limes.”