August Sourdough Workshop In Less Than One Minute

Last week I held the August Sourdough Workshop at Little Green Corner. It went so wonderfully and I created a little video to share a snippet of the workshop. If you are interested in coming along to the next one, it’s going to be held on Tuesday November 22nd at Little Green Corner. Find outContinue reading “August Sourdough Workshop In Less Than One Minute”

Troubleshooting Your Sourdough Starter

People often come to me with questions about sourdough, what’s right, what’s wrong etc so I thought I’d collate some of my knowledge (and learn some more) and share it with you. Sourdough starter is a living culture, reacting to changes in its environment. Usually, minor changes to feed frequency or temperature of culturing locationContinue reading “Troubleshooting Your Sourdough Starter”

Flavoured Sourdough – Honey and Oat Sourdough and Pumpkin, Feta and Sage

If you enjoy this post and want to learn more about sourdough you can subscribe to my newsletter and get my ‘Getting Started With Sourdough’ ebook for free. Like I said when I posted last week about the pecan, walnut and rosemary loaf, baking bread was becoming a bit of a chore. But recently, having found 25kgContinue reading “Flavoured Sourdough – Honey and Oat Sourdough and Pumpkin, Feta and Sage”

Delicious Sourdough Facts

If you enjoy this post and want to learn more about sourdough you can subscribe to my newsletter and get my ‘Getting Started With Sourdough’ ebook for free. After sharing how I get my sourdough starter ripe and bubbly ready for baking and then how I bake my sourdough loaves last week, so I thought it wasContinue reading “Delicious Sourdough Facts”

Sourdough Starters

Almost 5 years ago the absolutely lovely Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial sent me my very first sourdough starter. I have been baking my own sourdough bread ever since. During that time I can count on one hand the amount of loaves I have bought (most were bought when we had a new bornContinue reading “Sourdough Starters”

Sourdough Workshop

This week I held my first ever sourdough workshop at Little Green Corner. We talked bread, flour, sourdough starter, then topped the evening off with a delicious vegetable stew, freshly baked sourdough bread and some local wines. It was a blast to meet some people who I’d conversed with online. It was also so fabulousContinue reading “Sourdough Workshop”

Sour dough with Chia Seeds

This week has been a learning curve, I imagine the rest of my weeks will be also.  But this week particularly because I have come to the realisation that I no longer leave the house to go to work. Since I finished work in December it’s been the festive season, J was on holidays, IContinue reading “Sour dough with Chia Seeds”

Potato and Rosemary Pizza with Broccoli Pesto

Not too long ago, I posted a picture on Instagram.  It was of the last slice of an amazing home-made sour-dough pizza that I had intended to blog about, but it was so delicious that it all got eaten before any photos were taken (does that ever happen to you?).So we decided to replicate it.  SadlyContinue reading “Potato and Rosemary Pizza with Broccoli Pesto”

In My Kitchen… November 2013

In my kitchen… …is a painting from my grandma.  My grandma and grandpa have just sold their house and are downsizing.  Many years ago my grandma gave me a permanent marker and asked me to walk around her house and pick a painting that I would like, she was so keep it until things changed.Continue reading “In My Kitchen… November 2013”

Ginger Beer and Honey Sourdough Fruit Loaf

In our shed there’s a barrel for fermenting, an abundance of bottles, steriliser, an immersion heater.  All the things a good home brewer needs.  The beer brews in the fermenter for about a week, at this time of the year an immersion heater is vital, to keep the liquid at the correct temperature to keepContinue reading “Ginger Beer and Honey Sourdough Fruit Loaf”