Eating Locally

“What’s the story behind the food” Sophie Budd says passionately. She runs a cooking school, Taste Buds, in central Perth with a huge focus on using local, seasonal ingredients. It made me think.  I know the story behind most of our food.  I know our potatoes, carrots and pumpkins come from Vince at the BuyContinue reading “Eating Locally”

In My Garden… November 2013

We’re running out of room in our backyard for garden beds.  Slowly but surely, we’ve used up nearly every free space, pulling out just a few plants here and there, to make a little more room.  In the top of this picture you can see newly dug up areas that have just had seeds sprinkledContinue reading “In My Garden… November 2013”

Beekeeping course.

I’m no good a surprises.   Actually I’m not good at surprises if I know there’s a surprise coming.  “Clare, I’ve got you the best birthday present”, “we’re going out tomorrow”, or “I’ve got a surprise for you”, do not excite me.  They, in fact terrify me.  It may sound silly, but as a planner,Continue reading “Beekeeping course.”

Home-made Burgers

I had a plan! Dinner… Food is usually involved in my plans. It had to be great, inspired… The pressure was all coming from me. The motivation was to use some of our preserves, the inspiration, this post. On the way home I bought some Otway Free Range Pork. Dinner was easy, but so delicious. I added to theContinue reading “Home-made Burgers”

Meet Doogle

He’s our compost tumbler. Combining our attempt at living more self sufficiently and our rental home has been tricky. Our real estate agent has been awesome, “sure you can have chickens”, “bees, no worries” ( there was a slight bit of miscommunication with the bees, but that’s another story). But I didn’t want to buildContinue reading “Meet Doogle”

Chicken Update

Our chickens are 17 weeks old today.  They should be laying any day now.  Each morning since they were about 14 weeks old, we have been checking their laying boxes with anticipation.  Each morning we are disappointed.  But I go out there, and I have a little chat, they still wont come too close, butContinue reading “Chicken Update”

In My Kitchen, March 2013

In my kitchen… … is this incredible bunch of basil.  We bought it from the local farmers market nearly 3 weeks ago, and it just keeps growing.  We stripped is back to make pesto, and just keep filling the jar up with water, now we get small leaves for pasta sauces, pizzas and bruschettas. In my kitchen…Continue reading “In My Kitchen, March 2013”

Berry Picking and Jam Making

Nearly every summer when we were growing up we would pick berries. The days were long and hot, all 3 kids piled into the back of the station wagon.  On arrival to the farms each child got given a bucket, but we would eat more than we collected. We picked raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. MumContinue reading “Berry Picking and Jam Making”