Brae Restaurant

We live pretty frugally from day to day, but once a year we like to splurge.  Last year for our anniversary we went to Loam and had an absolutely delicious dinner, this year we decided to go to the newly opened Brae Restaurant. Recently opened by Dan Hunter, Brae is a modern resturant located on 30 productive acresContinue reading “Brae Restaurant”

Awkward Coffee Lounge

Awkward is a funky coffee lounge in the centre of Geelong.  It’s a warm, welcoming space, where Tash, the owner, barrister, baker, and front of house, welcomes you with a smile and a chat, like an old friend. Tash, previously work in the hospitality/wedding industry and had a small cupcake business on the side.  ButContinue reading “Awkward Coffee Lounge”

Vue Street Bar

We’re ticking things off, our #2013AdventureResolution is in full swing. Last week on one of those really hot days, where the winds were blowing sand off the beach and the ground was scorching your feet we decided that lunch at Vue Street Bar was in order. The first thing on my mind was trying a localContinue reading “Vue Street Bar”

A Lunch at Winters

Sunday brought my last roller derby training for the year and also my last great excuse to catch up with my lovely friend Jade for a Sunday lunch this year. Winter’s Cafe is a newly updated Pakington St cafe, which has fantastic seasonal menus.  The crowds stream in You’ll be lucky to get a table during brunch/lunchContinue reading “A Lunch at Winters”

An Application, Dinner and a Movie.

Thursday disappeared before my eyes. The morning was an adventure, picking up J’s new car, and purchasing my pieces for my OMG coffee mug swap. Then the race was on to finish writing my job application for a local primary school, by the end of the business day.  I’d been working on it for 2Continue reading “An Application, Dinner and a Movie.”

Saints & Sailors

There’s nothing much better than dinner with your best girlfriend!  I mean don’t get me wrong, I love J (duh, I married the guy), but having a night of philosophising, wine drinking and fantastic food does wonders! I am super lucky to have a wonderful lady Jade (there’s a photo of us here). Over the weekendContinue reading “Saints & Sailors”

The World Best Street Food

I love cooking, hence the food focused blog. J loves cooking as much as me, luckily we love cooking different things! I love cooking sweets and he loves cooking savoury. So when I spotted this cook book in Big W, I had to buy it. We’ve both done a fair bit of travelling, J practicallyContinue reading “The World Best Street Food”


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HANNAH! Yesterday was my younger sister’s birthday.  She was lucky enough to go and spend the weekend on the Mornington Peninsula, wine tasting, vintage perusing and hot bathing. Last night Mum, Dad, J and I all headed to Melbourne to celebrate with her.  Her first choice, the latest cool new place to visitContinue reading “Celebrations”