Healthy Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight, you either love it or hate it. And then when you’d do love it there’s another two camps to choose from, sugar covered or chocolate covered. As there’s no healthy alternative to powdered sugar I went with a raw chocolate coating. I’m in the ‘I love Turkish Delight Camp’ as is J. SoContinue reading “Healthy Turkish Delight”

Chocolate Caramel Slice, Oh And It’s Raw.

Recently I was challenged to make something… anything from the Live Raw cookbook. So last week I went through the cookbook, picked a delicious looking chocolate caramel slice and headed to the health food shop. And I proceeded to purchase $100 worth of fancy health food ingredients. When I got home I laid it all out on theContinue reading “Chocolate Caramel Slice, Oh And It’s Raw.”

My Raw Challenge

Twitter, you gotta love it!  No really I’m actually getting pretty obsessed with it.  I love the live communication with people all around the world!  I love that we can help each other out with a 140 characters.  And I especially love the motivation that can come from such a short conversation. I had this conversationContinue reading “My Raw Challenge”

Raw Ingredients

The cold and gloomy weather could not keep us inside any more, so yesterday morning we decided to step outside… “shock horror”, you might say, “in this weather?!?!?!” (for those in the Northern Hemisphere, or even just Northern Australia, imagine COLD!) But there was markets to be visited and yummy food to be eaten, soContinue reading “Raw Ingredients”