Potato and Rosemary Pizza with Broccoli Pesto

Not too long ago, I posted a picture on Instagram.  It was of the last slice of an amazing home-made sour-dough pizza that I had intended to blog about, but it was so delicious that it all got eaten before any photos were taken (does that ever happen to you?).So we decided to replicate it.  SadlyContinue reading “Potato and Rosemary Pizza with Broccoli Pesto”

Homemade Pizza Bases

I’m away at the moment adventuring, but really wanted to share this amazing pizza recipe with you.  Enjoy!I don’t like too many toppings, just a couple for me.  A delicious homemade sauce, maybe BBQ, some cheese, a vegetable or two and maybe even some local free range meat.  I like a reasonably thick base, notContinue reading “Homemade Pizza Bases”