Spinach and Ricotta Pie

I took these photos to enter a food blogging competition.  I was planning on winning.  I mean, you don’t enter and plan on loosing do you? The prize was a 12 week paid position on their blog. I’d love this, because, as with a lot of bloggers, I’m hoping to earn an income from thisContinue reading “Spinach and Ricotta Pie”

Sweets For Santa – Fruit Mince Pies

This year I’m baking all kinds of fun Christmas treats that I have never baked before. Every year my mum would buy fruit mince pies and we would devourer them all way before Christmas, eating them one buy one with a immense amount of ice cream. This year I thought I would make some, I also thoughtContinue reading “Sweets For Santa – Fruit Mince Pies”