Sourdough Waffles

I have this wonderful group on Facebook for anyone who has purchased a sourdough starter and ebook kit, or attended a sourdough workshop in Geelong at Little Green Corner. In this group people share their successes, their failures, ask questions, and share recipes that have worked wonderfully. One recipe that I recently loved the ideaContinue reading “Sourdough Waffles”

The Best, Easiest Pancake Recipe Ever

Sometimes nothing beats pancakes for breakfast and with school holidays here and long lazy days in front of us what better recipe to share with you than the easiest pancake recipe ever. What is your favourite pancake topping? The Best, Easiest Pancake Recipe Ever Author: Clare Reilly Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 20 mins TotalContinue reading “The Best, Easiest Pancake Recipe Ever”

Proud to say “I made this”

On Sunday I served breakfast to my guest and J. I was so proud to put it in front of those two. It was buttermilk pancakes, nothing too fancy, in fact I used this recipe. They were absolutely delicious. The reason that I was so proud was how much work I had put into this finalContinue reading “Proud to say “I made this””