Egg Free Banana Muffins

We do a group activity most mornings, and most days we need to pack food and all of those days the food needs to be nut free and egg free. Egg free to the extent that it can’t even be in baking. So I’ve set myself  mission to find a good egg free muffin recipe.Continue reading “Egg Free Banana Muffins”

Hummingbird Cupcakes

My cooking and baking has been heavily influenced by Instagram photography prompts recently.  And honestly, I’m really glad for the inspiration.  Some times I just can’t muster up the enthusiasm to scrounge through the pantry and cook dinner AGAIN. So when I was prompted by Interior Addicts #7vignettes to do something metallic, I went through allContinue reading “Hummingbird Cupcakes”

Date and Apple Mini Muffins

Roller derby has really inspired me to watch what I eat, and become fitter. To pass our level one, we had to demonstrate our skating skills, transitions (turning backwards while skating and continuing to skate), falls (falling correctly, on our knees), 50 laps of the derby track in 10 minutes, and a wall sit INContinue reading “Date and Apple Mini Muffins”