Why We Stopped Meal Planning

I’ve raved about meal planning, I love it. I really do. I love the organising, I love the planning and I love knowing what I need to buy. But recently I have found that it wasn’t working for us. We’ve started buying our meat from a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) monthly membership, and because of thisContinue reading “Why We Stopped Meal Planning”

A Fortnight Featuring Feta

I did the groceries and I bought 4 packets of feta. Now I love the stuff, but that seemed like a lot. I think feta goes wonderfully with this season, it packs a salty punch, an excellent addition to a summer salad with tomatoes and zucchini. We’ve been out of the meal planning habit. ChristmasContinue reading “A Fortnight Featuring Feta”

Meal Plan #8

Spinach Pici Pasta I love watching cooking shows. I could have the cooking channel on all day every day, I find it great background noise and excellent inspiration for our meal plan. This recipe was on Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food and I googled it immediately. I can’t wait to try this version of pasta. BakedContinue reading “Meal Plan #8”

Sticking To Our $200 per Fortnight Food Budget

We spend $200 a fortnight on food for three. This includes all meals we eat at home, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It includes cleaning products and nappies. It doesn’t include toilet paper, meals out or alcohol. We’ve been spending just $200 a fortnight on food for about the last 3 years, some fortnights I’d love aContinue reading “Sticking To Our $200 per Fortnight Food Budget”

Meal Planning – Hipcook App

The next fortnight is a strange one for meal planning. Jay and I are both away, separately, for 2 nights. Jay’s away for work and so I thought I’d pack up the car and take Elliot to visit some friends in the mountains. I’ll be taking a slow cooker primal/paleo meal with us to share withContinue reading “Meal Planning – Hipcook App”

Meal Planning – Vegetarian Fortnight

I’m starting to really enjoy the meal planning process. I enjoy finding delicious meals to look forward to all fortnight, finding new dinners that I haven’t cooked before and actually using all those recipes that sit on the bookshelf in the kitchen. We had a very meaty fortnight last fortnight, so I decided to haveContinue reading “Meal Planning – Vegetarian Fortnight”

Meal Plan – Road Tripping

I wrote about how we meal plan our way not too long ago, and even since then things have changed. I’ve started planning meals every second Wednesday night or Thursday morning, prior to going grocery shopping. As you can imagine this not only saves time, but also saves heaps of money and waste. I thoughtContinue reading “Meal Plan – Road Tripping”