Lately… October 2013

  We added 8 new chooks to our flock (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’re mostly girls!) There’s been lots of quick dinners home alone. First strawberry picking of the season. Who needs a vase of flowers when you can have one full of herbs! My bread repertoire keeps on growing, my newest favouriteContinue reading “Lately… October 2013”

The Last Week of February

A dip platter made mostly of home-made/home grown ingredients. Romance alive in our house, arriving home to a 15kg box of tomatoes and a bunch of red lilies. Celebrating our first wedding anniversary at Loam. My first ever loaf of sour dough, made with my sour dough starter (Maggie), thanks Celia. Maude after her big night out. Flowers forContinue reading “The Last Week of February”


Hindsight is a powerful thing, it reminds you of all the great times and teaches you things that could be done differently. Starting the year in Tasmania, adventuring around the state, returning home with barely enough money to pay bills.  It was an exhausting start to the year.  Living from week to week, hemorrhaging large sums ofContinue reading “#2013AdventureResolution”

I can’t do only 1 thing at a time…

I’m really bad at slowing down!  I’m no good at doing nothing! I’m horrible at relaxing romantic weekends! Even my work situation is in shambles.  I work Tuesday and Friday at a local high school tutoring Aboriginal kids through a program called Wannik, I work as a relief teacher Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  In my spareContinue reading “I can’t do only 1 thing at a time…”