In My Kitchen… November 2014

In my kitchen… … a pretty regular sight in our kitchen.  Every night after dinner E baths on the kitchen floor, in front of a massive pile of dishes. In my kitchen… … there’s not always freshly baked cookies. After we ran out of peanut butter and choc chip cookies, we topped up with Arnott’sContinue reading “In My Kitchen… November 2014”

In My Kitchen… October 2014

There’s not a lot happening in our kitchen the month, but there have been some big things. I’ve been taking some time out to enjoy the finer things in life; reading a book, writing letters, watching in amazement as E learns about getting around (he’s not crawling yet, but he’s damn close), and supervising theContinue reading “In My Kitchen… October 2014”

In My Kitchen… September 2014

In my kitchen… … is my first ever cake cover.  Up until this point I’ve been using a glass bowl over plates of food to keep things fresh.  But I recently found this one at an op shop for $5! In my kitchen… … are these beautiful artichokes.  I’d never eaten artichoke before, but lastContinue reading “In My Kitchen… September 2014”

In My Kitchen… March 2014

In my kitchen… …a pomegranate tree waits patiently to be planted out into a pot.  A friend gave us this plant as a baby shower gift as a ‘delicious symbol of the work of women’s bodies’.  I was so excited to receive it and am now waiting in anticipation for it’s first fruit (which IContinue reading “In My Kitchen… March 2014”

In My Kitchen… December 2013

In my kitchen… …we did have a box of these strawberry milkshake Wholeberry Folk cupcakes, which came from the Voices of 2013 presentation gala goodie bag… …but now we have these cupcakes instead.  I’m not usually a fan of packet mixes, in fact I would never buy a packet mix but recently I’ve come intoContinue reading “In My Kitchen… December 2013”