Prosciutto – The Finished Product

It was the day we had been waiting for. 12 months we had patiently waited checking on our prosciutto hanging in my mum and dads shed. We waded through the maggots, we waited to for it dry out, then put a reminder in my phone and promptly forgot about it. But as the day startedContinue reading “Prosciutto – The Finished Product”

Home-made Laundry Detergent and ‘The Flow’

I love a good ‘flow’. I hate doubling back on myself. So when jobs need to get done, I sort them out, one by one, knowing that each job can happen in order and then I’ll be able to walk or drive home a different way from which I came. So the day I decidedContinue reading “Home-made Laundry Detergent and ‘The Flow’”

Mustard and Parmesan Burger Patties

I love home made burgers.  I love just being able to pull out all our random preserves from the fridge, pickles, beetroot, home made sauce, home grown salad goods and place them atop a perfectly cooked patty, on a toasted home made sourdough foccacia slab. These days I’m home a lot more, I’m no longerContinue reading “Mustard and Parmesan Burger Patties”

Let’s Get Smokin’

We’re forever looking for new ways to preserve things.  So when J got a fishing rod for Christmas, he knew that it was time to do a little more research on smokers. Just after Christmas, with our gift certificates and Christmas cash in tow, we took ourselves off to Bunnings and Rays Outdoors.  J decidedContinue reading “Let’s Get Smokin’”

Chicken Burritos

I love Mexican food.  We don’t have it enough at out house, but ever since we discovered Claire’s homemade tortillas we’ve been eating a lot more. I’ve taken a bit of time away from work this week, I’ve decided not to make any calls to my teaching agency and have some time at home after aContinue reading “Chicken Burritos”

Homemade Pizza Bases

I’m away at the moment adventuring, but really wanted to share this amazing pizza recipe with you.  Enjoy!I don’t like too many toppings, just a couple for me.  A delicious homemade sauce, maybe BBQ, some cheese, a vegetable or two and maybe even some local free range meat.  I like a reasonably thick base, notContinue reading “Homemade Pizza Bases”