Night Out In Geelong

Last Friday Jay and I had our first ever together night away from Elliot. Over the last two and a half years both of us had been away individually, Jay for work, me for blogging conferences etc, but never had we been away together. Check out the video from the night at the end ofContinue reading “Night Out In Geelong”

Dinner at Little Green Corner

This week J and I will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary, so much has changed over the last 4 years, but one thing that hasn’t is our love for a delicious, glamorous, fancy dinner (you can see our first anniversary here, and our second here, and apparently I didn’t write about our third). InContinue reading “Dinner at Little Green Corner”

Little Green Corner, Geelong

I don’t like going shopping. Being in shopping complexes is a soul sucking experience. Living down on the Bellarine Peninsula is a bit of a treat, we’re just far enough from Geelong that the hustle and bustle of the ‘city’ is lost on us country folk and we just go about our days in peace.Continue reading “Little Green Corner, Geelong”

Geelong NightJar Market

Last Friday we drove into Geelong from our humble abode on the Bellarine Peninsula to the Geelong NightJar Market.  The market runs on Friday evenings through February, so with only a couple to go we had to nab our chance while we could. We spent only an hour there, wondering around.  Mostly concerned with theContinue reading “Geelong NightJar Market”

Awkward Coffee Lounge

Awkward is a funky coffee lounge in the centre of Geelong.  It’s a warm, welcoming space, where Tash, the owner, barrister, baker, and front of house, welcomes you with a smile and a chat, like an old friend. Tash, previously work in the hospitality/wedding industry and had a small cupcake business on the side.  ButContinue reading “Awkward Coffee Lounge”

A Lunch at Winters

Sunday brought my last roller derby training for the year and also my last great excuse to catch up with my lovely friend Jade for a Sunday lunch this year. Winter’s Cafe is a newly updated Pakington St cafe, which has fantastic seasonal menus.  The crowds stream in You’ll be lucky to get a table during brunch/lunchContinue reading “A Lunch at Winters”