Lazy Lady’s Frittata

We got home from camping at 2pm Saturday, we’d been in the car since 10am and we spent an hour unpacking. The last thing I wanted to do was to cook dinner. We could have ordered take away but honestly I couldn’t be bothered competing with the tourists in our town for fish and chips,Continue reading “Lazy Lady’s Frittata”

Eating Locally: Drysdale Goats Cheese

I love goats! I really do have a thing for goats. In fact, I once worked on a goat farm in Ireland for 6 weeks, and dream daily of going back. So when I decided to start my monthly local challenge it was the obvious place to start. Elliot and I arrived at Drysdale Goats Cheese onContinue reading “Eating Locally: Drysdale Goats Cheese”