Geelong NightJar Market

Last Friday we drove into Geelong from our humble abode on the Bellarine Peninsula to the Geelong NightJar Market.  The market runs on Friday evenings through February, so with only a couple to go we had to nab our chance while we could. We spent only an hour there, wondering around.  Mostly concerned with theContinue reading “Geelong NightJar Market”

Five Things That I Learnt From Eat Drink Blog

My eyes snapped open, the clock read 4am.  The conversion made sense, 4am Perth time, 7am Melbourne, that was a sleep in! I lay, impatiently waiting for the time to pass.  My stomach grumbled but I knew there’d be nothing open so early.  The breakfast buffet at Good Earth Hotel was my best bet, andContinue reading “Five Things That I Learnt From Eat Drink Blog”

In My Kitchen… October 2013

I love viewing into others kitchen’s, don’t you?  If you want to have a look at some others, head on over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, where Celia has collated all the other In My Kitchen posts. There’s not a lot happening in my kitchen at the moment, the focus has been in otherContinue reading “In My Kitchen… October 2013”

Home-made Burgers

I had a plan! Dinner… Food is usually involved in my plans. It had to be great, inspired… The pressure was all coming from me. The motivation was to use some of our preserves, the inspiration, this post. On the way home I bought some Otway Free Range Pork. Dinner was easy, but so delicious. I added to theContinue reading “Home-made Burgers”

The Falls Festival Tasmania

There was no competition when we decided how we were to ring in the new year, to celebrate the last few days of 2012 we thought we’d go back to where we’d started it. The fresh Tasmanian air was filled with a swirling concoction of scents of the various food vans.  Over the course of the festivalContinue reading “The Falls Festival Tasmania”

Queenscliff Music Festival 2012

Last weekend saw us driving a little further down the coast to a small town of Queenscliff, where tens of thousands of people were flocking over the weekend, for Queenscliff Music Festival 2012. I love music festivals, but this one is especially nice because we’re practically locals.  We also got free tickets for this oneContinue reading “Queenscliff Music Festival 2012”

A Taste of the Melbourne Taste Festival

Being in the right place in the right time is an art and I am coming to learn a lot about it.  Ellie from Kitchen Wench, put a post on twitter asking if anyone wanted a free ticket to the Taste of Melbourne.  I jumped at the chance. I few days later I received 2Continue reading “A Taste of the Melbourne Taste Festival”

My Raw Challenge

Twitter, you gotta love it!  No really I’m actually getting pretty obsessed with it.  I love the live communication with people all around the world!  I love that we can help each other out with a 140 characters.  And I especially love the motivation that can come from such a short conversation. I had this conversationContinue reading “My Raw Challenge”