Seasonal Fruit Crumble

This weekend was a scorcher in Melbourne, over 40 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday morning I’d had enough of sitting inside hiding from the heat, so we ventured about 10 minutes up the road to our friends pool. It was a lovely way to spend the morning, changed up the day a bit, gotContinue reading “Seasonal Fruit Crumble”

Inside out Lime Meringue Pie

Nothing says spring to me like limes. I love seeing our tree come into bloom at the start of the season, with those tiny white flowers comes the hope of warmer weather. So when I found out that the Sweet Adventures Blog Hop, hosted by Claire at ClaireKCreations was Meringue Madness, I couldn’t pass upContinue reading “Inside out Lime Meringue Pie”

Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding

The rich aroma of cooking chocolate fills the kitchen, the timer trills and I open the oven door, letting a wave of hot air out.  Instantly my glasses have fogged over but I can smell the rich chocolate pudding. I push the spoon through the cake topping, scraping the toffeed chocolate crust from around theContinue reading “Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding”

Mum’s Cookbook

There’s been so many fantastic Christmassy type recipes pop into my blog reader that I’ve been inspired to do some of my own.  But when I thought about it, there are very few things we cook in the lead up to Christmas. Our Christmas really only happens on the 25th of December.  We have brunchContinue reading “Mum’s Cookbook”

Sweets For Santa – Fruit Mince Pies

This year I’m baking all kinds of fun Christmas treats that I have never baked before. Every year my mum would buy fruit mince pies and we would devourer them all way before Christmas, eating them one buy one with a immense amount of ice cream. This year I thought I would make some, I also thoughtContinue reading “Sweets For Santa – Fruit Mince Pies”

Christmas Baking

I read lots of food blogs and I’m absolutely loving the amazing amount of Christmas baking that has been on the blogosphere over the last week or so. I thought I would share some with you guys. I absolutely love read Fig Jam and Lime Cordial by Celia.  This recipe for racines cake looks like theContinue reading “Christmas Baking”

An Application, Dinner and a Movie.

Thursday disappeared before my eyes. The morning was an adventure, picking up J’s new car, and purchasing my pieces for my OMG coffee mug swap. Then the race was on to finish writing my job application for a local primary school, by the end of the business day.  I’d been working on it for 2Continue reading “An Application, Dinner and a Movie.”