In My Kitchen… December 2013

In my kitchen… …we did have a box of these strawberry milkshake Wholeberry Folk cupcakes, which came from the Voices of 2013 presentation gala goodie bag… …but now we have these cupcakes instead.  I’m not usually a fan of packet mixes, in fact I would never buy a packet mix but recently I’ve come intoContinue reading “In My Kitchen… December 2013”

Pumpkin Cupcakes and an unintentional week off

I’m usually one of those annoying positive types.  I try to find positives in everything, and because of that (the law of attraction thing), I believe my life is surrounded by mostly postive things. However, this last 7 days was different, it was as though everything I touched turned to coal, everywhere I looked somethingContinue reading “Pumpkin Cupcakes and an unintentional week off”