My First Ever Gingerbread House

Study procrastination does amazing things sometimes. While Jay has been in Sri Lanka (he’s home tonight YAY!!!), I’ve been fairly productive. This morning I cleared out my wardrobe, I’ve done all the Christmas shopping, visited both sets of my grandparents, been to Wollangarra and made my first ever gingerbread house. I asked for tips onContinue reading “My First Ever Gingerbread House”

Sugar-Crusted, Spiced Macadamia Nuts

Things have been busy around these parts, but then who isn’t busy at this time of the year? There’s decorations to hang, presents to wrap, Christmas parties to attend, pantries to fill for the all important food day, and then regular life must still continue on top of all of that. On top of theContinue reading “Sugar-Crusted, Spiced Macadamia Nuts”

Christmas Jelly Shots

Christmas is a boozy occasion around these parts.  We start with champagne cocktails and eggnog at brunch, then continue with champagne and cider throughout the afternoon into the late evening. I wanted to make these last year, but I was pregnant and I wasn’t keen to miss out.  So this year I’ll be making themContinue reading “Christmas Jelly Shots”

Foodie Secret Santa

Nothing screams “Christmas Foodie Gift” to me like this amazing almond butter crunch.  So when Claire (Claire K Creations) emailed me asking if I wanted to be involved in a Foodie Secret Santa, it was the first thing that came to mind. I text my mum’s amazing friend Deb, to see if she was happyContinue reading “Foodie Secret Santa”

Mum’s Cookbook

There’s been so many fantastic Christmassy type recipes pop into my blog reader that I’ve been inspired to do some of my own.  But when I thought about it, there are very few things we cook in the lead up to Christmas. Our Christmas really only happens on the 25th of December.  We have brunchContinue reading “Mum’s Cookbook”

Sweets For Santa – Fruit Mince Pies

This year I’m baking all kinds of fun Christmas treats that I have never baked before. Every year my mum would buy fruit mince pies and we would devourer them all way before Christmas, eating them one buy one with a immense amount of ice cream. This year I thought I would make some, I also thoughtContinue reading “Sweets For Santa – Fruit Mince Pies”

The Busy Man Needs A Snack.

When I was younger, every Christmas Eve we would go to church. I wasn’t really into church, but this one was fun.  We sang Christmas carols, Santa was there, we got chocolate, you know, all the important things! When we got home from church we would lay out a plate of food for Santa andContinue reading “The Busy Man Needs A Snack.”