Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe

“I feel like Chicken Tonight, like Chicken Tonight” I remember running around the house singing these words when we were having sweet and sour chicken when I was a kid. Regardless of the brand of sweet sticky sauce, we would dance and sing these add lyrics. I loved this dinner. I’ve recently started cooking sweetContinue reading “Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe”

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore

I was so nervous about giving J a slow cooker for Christmas.  I was getting quite anxious about it really.  I would wake up in the night with the fear of seeing his disappointed face on Christmas morning. I needn’t have been worried, which I should have known.  He’d talked about getting a slow cookerContinue reading “Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore”

Saying Goodbye – Part 1.

About 8 weeks ago I shared this post.  It was full of excitement and hope.  Sadly, over the last 8 weeks, these feelings have turned into ones of hate, distrust and dismay. These new chickens have been nothing but a right pain in my arse and our garden. Waking up to the sound of chickensContinue reading “Saying Goodbye – Part 1.”

In My Garden… December 2013

In my garden things seem to be at either end of the spectrum.   This bed seems to be going better than some others.  The rhubarb has suddenly taken off, after many months of me thinking that it was gone to the gods, there’s a rogue tomato plant popping up, just on the right sideContinue reading “In My Garden… December 2013”

Chicken Burritos

I love Mexican food.  We don’t have it enough at out house, but ever since we discovered Claire’s homemade tortillas we’ve been eating a lot more. I’ve taken a bit of time away from work this week, I’ve decided not to make any calls to my teaching agency and have some time at home after aContinue reading “Chicken Burritos”

Chicken Update

Our chickens are 17 weeks old today.  They should be laying any day now.  Each morning since they were about 14 weeks old, we have been checking their laying boxes with anticipation.  Each morning we are disappointed.  But I go out there, and I have a little chat, they still wont come too close, butContinue reading “Chicken Update”

Reflection, inspiration and excitement

My little home on the Internet has been pretty quiet over summer, you may or may not have noticed. Life has been busy, I mean who isn’t busy at any time of year, but summer always seems to be particularly busy. I’ve spent my summer reflecting, and shifting my focus towards food. When I wasContinue reading “Reflection, inspiration and excitement”

It’s Done… Chickens Part 3

After we built the frame for the chicken coop we needed to add the chicken wire to keep the chooks inside. Each side needed two layers of chicken wire, because the coop was about 2.2 meters tall and the wire only 1.2 meters wide.  To hold the wire to the ground we dug a small trenchContinue reading “It’s Done… Chickens Part 3”

Ahhh, the possibilities… chicken coop part 1

When we moved into this house, nearly 12 months ago, I was so excited about the massive backyard. We talked about veggie gardens, dogs, chickens… We were going to be wonderfully sustainable. We got the veggie garden in within the first couple of months. Next chickens… We found that there was a space where chickensContinue reading “Ahhh, the possibilities… chicken coop part 1”