Owner Builder: Framing it up

I’ve been unable to write this step, as there is so much happening that it is hard to put into words.  After finally getting the permit, and then seeing the concrete slab getting poured, it was exciting to be at the framing stage.  This was the stage that we were able to be much moreContinue reading “Owner Builder: Framing it up”

Owner Building: Building Permits

I’ve had a couple of questions about how we are going with our house, and to be honest I’ve been too frustrated to answer. Not frustrated with the questions, but frustrated with our lack of progress. Owner building doesn’t seem to be as easy as we initially thought, and since we built the retaining wall,Continue reading “Owner Building: Building Permits”

Owner Building Our Dream Home

Our house building adventure has begun. Yesterday earth works started and with the convenient location of our new block, E and I were able to watch between naps. We’ve lived in our rental here for almost three years and for the whole time the block behind ours has been for sale. 535m2 of battleaxe backContinue reading “Owner Building Our Dream Home”

We’re half way there… Chickens Part 2

I mentioned here my excitement for chickens.  It was pretty great to find an inside coop area where the chickens could live but for the last 12 months I have been to scared about foxes and honestly, too damn lazy, to sort something out. A few weeks ago, we had some friends come and stay, theyContinue reading “We’re half way there… Chickens Part 2”