Flavoured Sourdough – Honey and Oat Sourdough and Pumpkin, Feta and Sage

If you enjoy this post and want to learn more about sourdough you can subscribe to my newsletter and get my ‘Getting Started With Sourdough’ ebook for free. Like I said when I posted last week about the pecan, walnut and rosemary loaf, baking bread was becoming a bit of a chore. But recently, having found 25kgContinue reading “Flavoured Sourdough – Honey and Oat Sourdough and Pumpkin, Feta and Sage”

Sourdough Starters

Almost 5 years ago the absolutely lovely Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial sent me my very first sourdough starter. I have been baking my own sourdough bread ever since. During that time I can count on one hand the amount of loaves I have bought (most were bought when we had a new bornContinue reading “Sourdough Starters”

Sour dough with Chia Seeds

This week has been a learning curve, I imagine the rest of my weeks will be also.  But this week particularly because I have come to the realisation that I no longer leave the house to go to work. Since I finished work in December it’s been the festive season, J was on holidays, IContinue reading “Sour dough with Chia Seeds”

Ginger Beer and Honey Sourdough Fruit Loaf

In our shed there’s a barrel for fermenting, an abundance of bottles, steriliser, an immersion heater.  All the things a good home brewer needs.  The beer brews in the fermenter for about a week, at this time of the year an immersion heater is vital, to keep the liquid at the correct temperature to keepContinue reading “Ginger Beer and Honey Sourdough Fruit Loaf”