My Beginners Guide to Chickens

On of the things that has really helped us in our frugal and environmental journey has been keeping chickens. They get given any kitchen scraps that we have, and in exchange we get to use the beautiful soil we create and eat the eggs. These tips are just what has worked for us over theContinue reading “My Beginners Guide to Chickens”

5 Reasons That You Should Absolutely Never Get Chickens

1. You’ll never be able to buy eggs again.  Your chickens will lay the richest, yellowest, happiest eggs (yes happiest) you’ve ever tasted, and if you run out, buying eggs will be like selling your soul. 2. You’ll never get a sleep in again. I love lazy, weekend lie-in. But once we got chickens weContinue reading “5 Reasons That You Should Absolutely Never Get Chickens”

Backyard Chickens – Update

It’s been  while since I updated you on Gertrude, Poppy and Maude.  They’re doing well.  Poppy is a little under the weather.  She’s looking a little less sparky than usual, her comb not a red, and feathers not as glossy. Our girls have dug up everything inside their fenced off area.  So last weekend, JContinue reading “Backyard Chickens – Update”

Another Failed Egg-speriment!

I think it’s a great lesson in life to remember, that not everything goes to plan.  I mean, life is generally pretty great, day-to-day but sometimes things go awry and we mustn’t loose hope that things will work out for the best the next time. When I was camping over the summer, J called meContinue reading “Another Failed Egg-speriment!”

Saying Goodbye – Part 2

Earlier this week I wrote about Bitch-Face, today I share the story of the 8 junior Bitch-Faces. (Note: I should have added in the last post, that we’d had clipped her wings and she was still flying out of the fenced in area.) Even as I begin to write this, I sit here shaking myContinue reading “Saying Goodbye – Part 2”