Chicken and Risoni Soup

The days may be getting longer but they are still cold. The winter wind whips through you as if you are made of fly screen and the cold fills your bones. I’m finding that a hearty bowl of soup at the end of the day to be one of the only things to remedy theContinue reading “Chicken and Risoni Soup”

Eating Locally: Drysdale Goats Cheese

I love goats! I really do have a thing for goats. In fact, I once worked on a goat farm in Ireland for 6 weeks, and dream daily of going back. So when I decided to start my monthly local challenge it was the obvious place to start. Elliot and I arrived at Drysdale Goats Cheese onContinue reading “Eating Locally: Drysdale Goats Cheese”

Spiced Poached Pear and Almond Cake

I don’t menu plan, it’s all the rage right now, apparently it’s supposed to save you time and money. That’s great, but what about a daily dose if use-your-imagination? I get frustrated that I’m boxed in, that there’s no flexibility, no choice, no spur of the moment kitchen flare. So each morning, I look inContinue reading “Spiced Poached Pear and Almond Cake”