Guest Post: Roasted Eggplant Dip

  I’m currently away, adventuring in Nepal and the amazing Lizzie from Strayed From the Table has written a post to share with you all. After discovering only recently young Clare use to be a vegetarian for quite some years I was taken back as my stint of vegetarianism only lasted 4 years. I missed eatingContinue reading “Guest Post: Roasted Eggplant Dip”

Home-made Burgers

I had a plan! Dinner… Food is usually involved in my plans. It had to be great, inspired… The pressure was all coming from me. The motivation was to use some of our preserves, the inspiration, this post. On the way home I bought some Otway Free Range Pork. Dinner was easy, but so delicious. I added to theContinue reading “Home-made Burgers”

The Last Week of February

A dip platter made mostly of home-made/home grown ingredients. Romance alive in our house, arriving home to a 15kg box of tomatoes and a bunch of red lilies. Celebrating our first wedding anniversary at Loam. My first ever loaf of sour dough, made with my sour dough starter (Maggie), thanks Celia. Maude after her big night out. Flowers forContinue reading “The Last Week of February”

Make it yourself…

There’s so many things out there that we buy because it’s easier. Before my revelation I never even thought to make most of these things at home, but this week I’ve been experimenting like crazy! Bread is an obvious choice to make at home and one day I’ll definitely give it a go, but workingContinue reading “Make it yourself…”

About Me

Hi, I’m Clare Reilly. I write this blog to share my adventures in learning to live a simpler life. I share with the hope that our learnings and mistakes might help other families seeking the same lifestyle. It’s not about following the latest craze, it’s about living a simpler, greener and more frugal life. EveryoneContinue reading “About Me”