Taking Stock October 2016

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but the last few weeks have been a bit crazy. Blog posts going viral, tv appearances, radio interviews and trips up to Wollangarra. I just came across Pip Lincoln’s Taking Stock and thought that it’d be a lovely way to reflect on everything that has been happening. Making: our houseContinue reading “Taking Stock October 2016”

30 Things I Loved About Being 30!

It’s my birthday today, we’re headed out for breakfast and then off to Wollangarra for their Open Day for the weekend. It’s been a big year, it feels as though each year is getting bigger than the one before it and it’s wonderful! So here is 30 things I loved about being 30 (in noContinue reading “30 Things I Loved About Being 30!”

My Gardening Philosophy

I love gardening. It seems that the older I get the more passionate I get about it. I’m not particularly good at it, but as my black thumb starts to turn a shade of olive, I seem to be developing a little understanding. The sun is shining and I walk outside, the chickens get fed andContinue reading “My Gardening Philosophy”

Entertaining a Toddler without Electricity

When we visited Wollangarra I was pretty weary about how we were going to entertain Elliot for two whole weeks without television. We don’t use the TV a lot but it does help with having some quiet time, and on rainy days. So I printed out a play dough recipe and I knew that IContinue reading “Entertaining a Toddler without Electricity”

Chicken Waterer with Nipple Drippers

Another inspiration that came from Wollangarra was to put some love into our chicken coop. We’ve had our beloved girls for almost 4 years, they’ve been through a move with us and we’ve added some new ladies to our flock. We’ve been trying to figure out a good way to provide the chickens with waterContinue reading “Chicken Waterer with Nipple Drippers”

Meal Plan – Pizza, Pasta, Burgers

Last fortnights meal plan ended up being a bit of a bust. Elliot and I ended up visiting my grandparents for a couple of days and so we didn’t cook dinner at home those nights. But it’s all good, because now those meals have been switched to this fortnight. Bloke Beef Beer and Mash AContinue reading “Meal Plan – Pizza, Pasta, Burgers”

24 Electricity-free Free Stress Reducing Activities

When I got here I realised how tired I’d become. Days beginning at 4:30am, with writing, social media, bread mixing, bread baking and just plain old early waking. Days filled with kids activities, play group, music and swimming.  At Wollangarra I was happily going to sleep at 7:30pm and waking at 6am. Instead of fillingContinue reading “24 Electricity-free Free Stress Reducing Activities”

Meal Planning – Winter Warmers and a birthday

This meal plan is a little late for me. Usually I do it every second Thursday but as we didn’t get home from Wollangarra until Sunday, I just did a shorter one on Monday morning. It’s full of hearty slow cooker meals and a treat of bought Mexican for Jay’s birthday. Chicken and Coriander Curry JayContinue reading “Meal Planning – Winter Warmers and a birthday”

Start Here

If you’re like most of my readers you’re striving to live a low-tax, simple and local life. You’re committed to reducing the waste you produce in your home, making more things from scratch, attempting to grow some of your own fruits and vegetables, saving money where you can and reducing the toxic load in yourContinue reading “Start Here”

Growing asparagus and a backyard rainforest

I’ve wanted to grow asparagus for 10 years, ever since I worked at Wollangarra. There was asparagus grown there, what a joy it was to go and pick those fresh spears each morning and see the incredible growth! Asparagus plants live for about 25 years, best grown in a raised garden bed and they’re notContinue reading “Growing asparagus and a backyard rainforest”