Sourdough Workshop

This week I held my first ever sourdough workshop at Little Green Corner. We talked bread, flour, sourdough starter, then topped the evening off with a delicious vegetable stew, freshly baked sourdough bread and some local wines. It was a blast to meet some people who I’d conversed with online. It was also so fabulousContinue reading “Sourdough Workshop”

Ginger Beer and Honey Sourdough Fruit Loaf

In our shed there’s a barrel for fermenting, an abundance of bottles, steriliser, an immersion heater.  All the things a good home brewer needs.  The beer brews in the fermenter for about a week, at this time of the year an immersion heater is vital, to keep the liquid at the correct temperature to keepContinue reading “Ginger Beer and Honey Sourdough Fruit Loaf”

Sourdough Adventure

Meet Maggie. The newest member of our family. We have Maude, Poppy and Gurtrude, our chickens and now Maggie. Named after Maggie Beer before we even recieved her, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that one of Celia’s chickens had once been named Maggie. This is how Maggie arrived to us, after readingContinue reading “Sourdough Adventure”

Newsletter list

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You’ve been wanting to bake your own sourdough for ages. You keep seeing it everywhere. It can’t be that hard…? It isn’t! And do I have the course for you! Simple to follow Content is shared in simple easy to follow videos and written recipes and descriptions. With a community of like minded bakers, youContinue reading

Delicious, simple and hearty meals to cook while socially isolating

What a crazy time it is in the world right now. Where the right thing to do is stay at home, socially distance from each other, but we’re still allowed to see each other, stay 1.5m apart, go to the supermarket and go for a walk. Apart from the craziness of the world, people gettingContinue reading “Delicious, simple and hearty meals to cook while socially isolating”

Back Home Bundle

SOURDOUGH STARTER & EBOOK: Have you ever wanted to make your own sourdough bread but haven’t been sure where to start? Ever had a starter and it ‘died’? Haven’t been able to get your hands on your very own sourdough starter? Well, here is the perfect place to start! You will get a dried sourdoughContinue reading “Back Home Bundle”

Sourdough eCourse You’ve always wanted to bake sourdough at home. Here’s a simple ecourse! Blog I share tips, recipes, life hacks & so much more via my Instagram stories. Come and hang out! Purchase Essential Oils Get essential oils into your home, get my support & see how these bottles can change your life. PopularContinue reading

Catering for Wilderness First Aid

Each year at Wollangarra the staff team go through a huge amount of training to get them prepared for the year ahead. There’s really no qualifications needed for our Outdoor Leader positions (more and more we are finding that we’re getting outdoor qualified applicants) but mostly we look for enthusiasm and an understanding of the WollangarraContinue reading “Catering for Wilderness First Aid”