Loyalty Rewards Program Explained

I get a lot of messages about doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program, so I thought I’d create a page where I can explain it a bit more and answer some FAQ’s.

Firstly, it can be confusing (initially, I was like WTF!) but hopefully by the end of this article you’ll be like “GET ME ON LRP!”

Firstly, every product has a both a $$$ value and a ‘Product Value’ (i.e. PV).

They are not always equal – for example Lavender is $28 wholesale but 25.50 product value.

In a nutshell…

If you make an order of 50PV or more you can earn back a percentage of the points the following month.

If you place an order over 125PV by the 15th of the month you will receive our FREE oil of the month (Product Of the Month, POM).

Every 3 months that you order at least 50PV or more, you will move up by 5% in the points you earn back. Until you earn a maximum of 30%, after 13 months.

For example, for every 100PV you buy, you will get 30 points (approximately $30 – $50) back in product points that can be redeemed just like cash!

For any orders that you process through the LRP you will get all of your shipping back in points the following month.

For Example…

If you placed a 50PV order, you would receive 10% of that into your ‘back office’ the following month. Plus 8 points to cover your shipping.

The volume of what you earn back increases to up to 30% over 13 months, if you order over 50PV each month.

If you cancel your LRP you forfeit all of the points you have earned.


What if I can’t afford to order every month?

You only have to place a 1PV retain your points and hold your % points back level. I always suggest getting a lip balm or lemon oil, so that you can keep the points you have earned.

Even though you don’t ‘earn’ points when the order is less than 50PV, at least you will keep them!

Am I locked in to this?

Nope, if you want to cancel you just simply call head office and they will cancel it on the spot.

Just make sure you spend your accrued points before you cancel or you’ll lose them.

Phone: (02) 8015-5080 (Australia) (+64) 32 88 00 11 (New Zealand).

Do I have to order the same things every month?

Nope, this is the best subscription going around. I spend all month adding thing to my cart, deleting things, and then finally about a week into the month, I place my order. I always order before the 15th of the month so I can get the free POM.

But if you don’t go in an edit your cart, it WILL auto ship on the date you have set, with what was in your cart last month.

My trick is to have my shipping date for the 10th, this way I get the free oil and my commission (for both you need to place your order before the 15th of the month), and then I always go in on about the 4th, edit and click ‘ship now’.

As always, shout out if I haven’t answered something above, or you have other questions.

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