Disclosure Policy

The Life of Clare is a personal blog written and edited by Clare Reilly.

This blog accepts forms of paid advertising which is visible in the sidebars of this website.

Blogging is hard work though a rewarding hobby. Time spent cooking, writing, editing, answering emails and readers’ comments along with money for web hosting, website maintenance, photography equipment is quite large. As a result I accept advertising on this website and occasionally will accept a sponsored post as long as it fits in with my beliefs and what my readers may enjoy. All content under a sponsored post will be clearly identified along with the sponsors details.

I review products where no compensation has been made occasionally, these are products I believe in and fit in with The Life of Clare’s theme and I feel it is worth sharing with my readers.

The Life of Clare is written as my own opinion.  I do not favour free products or meals.  I speak honestly of our experiences and our minds never swayed when given free items. This does not always guarantee a written post on The Life of Clare. I do write restaurant reviews that we have discovered on our own and we think our readers might find them enjoyable.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

Editorial Policy

All content on The Life of Clare is written by Clare Reilly and is based on personal experiences. It is never influenced by advertisers, affiliates, public relation firms, brands or other individuals unless otherwise stated. I do not provide any guarantee of a review of a product. If it is reviewed it will be written fairly – good or bad, all content is our honest opinion and experiences.

Product Reviews

I love finding out and trying new food products, kitchenware, tableware, organic/sustainable gardening tools, books and other food, gardening and travel related products. Any product sent is for consideration only, which means I will not guarantee your product will be reviewed on The Life of Clare.  All reviews are written honestly if published and will be based on our personal experience. Those products that have been sent to me will be clearly disclosed at the bottom of my post.

Occasionally I will review or refer a product that I have purchased myself to my readers as I feel they would benefit from this knowledge of a certain product.

If you would like to submit a product for consideration please visit my contact page for further details on how to contact me.

Email subscription

The Life of Clare’s email subscription list will never be shared or sold. Emails are sent out as blog posts are published. At the bottom of each email is an unsubscribe link if you wish to discontinue receiving emails.

Restaurant Reviews

I occasionally publish restaurant reviews where I have been provided a complimentary meal this will be disclosed at the end of the post. Whether a complimentary meal is provided or not, any reviews will be written honestly and in my opinion, good or bad, will be shared.

We write many restaurant reviews that we think our readers would find enjoyable and should try that we have experienced ourselves.


For any questions about this blog, please contact  me.

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