This week…

Hello, how are you? How has your week been? This week we have been recovering from our Open Day. It’s a wonderfully big day filled with supporters new and old, and it’s our biggest fundraiser for the year (Wollangarra is a not-for-profit, so fundraise we must). This day takes a huge amount of organisation and […]

My First Ever Gingerbread House

Study procrastination does amazing things sometimes. While Jay has been in Sri Lanka (he’s home tonight YAY!!!), I’ve been fairly productive. This morning I cleared out my wardrobe, I’ve done all the Christmas shopping, visited both sets of my grandparents, been to Wollangarra and made my first ever gingerbread house. I asked for tips on […]


Jay had to go to Sydney for 3 hours work on a Monday, my Mum offered to have Elliot, so we decided, ‘what the hey?’ and booked me a flight and looked forward to less than 48 hours in Sydney. Of course I did ALL the food research, where we should eat etc. Booked the […]