Top 5 Canggu Bali

Canggu is arguably the fastest growing and most progressive areas along the popular southern coast of Bali. Having only recently found its name on the tourist map, Canggu is just far enough from Legian that is remains fairly uncontrived and serene. However, as construction implies, Canggu is maturing rapidly, and undergoing very visible growth, thereContinue reading “Top 5 Canggu Bali”

Birthday Dinner at Whet

We flew to Cairns from Melbourne Tullarmarine on the 30th of September, it was my 28th birthday.  The flight was delayed 2 hours, we picked up the hire car in Cairns and hit road works, that slowed us down even more, but as we got further from Cairns (and I lost reception on my mobile),Continue reading “Birthday Dinner at Whet”

Nepalese Sweets

One souvenir I absolutely had to come home with was a Nepalese cookbook. I loved the opportunity of learning about a culture’s food and customs surrounding food. I found a lovely little cookbook made by America’s Nepalese Community, each recipe donated by a different individual. I scanned the book before buying it, scouring it forContinue reading “Nepalese Sweets”

Trekking to Everest Base Camp – Nepal

We stepped off the 16 person plane at Lukla, rushing to get out of the way, so that the plane could reload. This single purpose airport, getting Trekkers and mountain climbers into the Khumbu valley, looked to be a pile of rubble with people yelling to be our guide for the Everest Base Camp trek.Continue reading “Trekking to Everest Base Camp – Nepal”

A Western Australian Adventure

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting a friend in Margaret River, Western Australia and celebrating her wedding.  It was a lovely intimate occasion.  Throughout my trip I didn’t take too many photos, surprising for me, but the focus wasn’t a blog post, it was my friends. I wanted to share snippetsContinue reading “A Western Australian Adventure”

Tasmanian Tidbits

Tasmania was a wonderful way to end 2012 and begin 2013.  The combination of great food, the stunning natural environment, and the jaw dropping, awe-inspiring MONA. New Years morning, we escaped The Falls Festival as early as we could and found a lovely, but very formal restaurant, the only one open, on Salamanca Place to eatContinue reading “Tasmanian Tidbits”

Jackman & McRoss

I’d always heard such good things about Jackman & McRoss, so it was a definite must see breakfast place for our last morning in Tasmania. Upon arrival we noticed how busy it was, the chatter was close to deafening and it was a struggle to talk to the person sitting next to you without yelling. The small bakery comeContinue reading “Jackman & McRoss”

A Taste of Hobart

Part of the ‘getting-paid-at-Falls-Festival-and-feeling-sober-on-New-Years-Day’ appeal was that we got to spend the 1st of January at The Taste Festival. After a nap, and a shower we decided to make our way through the winding back streets of Battery Point, to the Taste Festival, held in Salamanca Place. The 100’s of chattering voices thundered through andContinue reading “A Taste of Hobart”

The Falls Festival Tasmania

There was no competition when we decided how we were to ring in the new year, to celebrate the last few days of 2012 we thought we’d go back to where we’d started it. The fresh Tasmanian air was filled with a swirling concoction of scents of the various food vans.  Over the course of the festivalContinue reading “The Falls Festival Tasmania”