In My Garden… December 2013

In my garden things seem to be at either end of the spectrum.   This bed seems to be going better than some others.  The rhubarb has suddenly taken off, after many months of me thinking that it was gone to the gods, there’s a rogue tomato plant popping up, just on the right sideContinue reading “In My Garden… December 2013”

In My Garden… November 2013

We’re running out of room in our backyard for garden beds.  Slowly but surely, we’ve used up nearly every free space, pulling out just a few plants here and there, to make a little more room.  In the top of this picture you can see newly dug up areas that have just had seeds sprinkledContinue reading “In My Garden… November 2013”

In My Garden… October 2013

We have heaps of exciting things happening in the garden at the moment, although to be honest we haven’t done very much to the garden over the last month.  Our vegetables seem to be loving the sporadic weather we’re having down here in good old Victoria, and have all started fruiting and being usable, whichContinue reading “In My Garden… October 2013”

In My Garden… September 2013

Not a lot has been happening in my garden over the last month.  I haven’t done any more planting, not too much wedding, but I am starting to see edible things pop up. Like the bulbs of the beetroot. These broccoli are getting huge, surrounding them is parsnips, beetroot, carrots and coriander. Sadly, our brusselContinue reading “In My Garden… September 2013”

In My Garden… August 2013

It’s been a joy to come home to our garden!  Being away for 5 weeks, I wasn’t sure which way our garden would go, either it could have all been eaten or it could have flourished.  Luckily, the later was true! This garden under our window sill, houses beetroot, silver beet and brussel sprouts.  IContinue reading “In My Garden… August 2013”

A Composting Disaster

Not everything about this happy hippy lifestyle that I like to think I live, is a walk in the park. It’s not all smiles and kumbaya’s.  Our plants get eaten, our chickens don’t lay and sometimes, rarely, the bread doesn’t rise. Our most recent bad experience was the worst yet.  It had me dry retching in theContinue reading “A Composting Disaster”

The Garden Share Collective… June 2013

Lizzie, from Strayed From The Table, contacted a few of us, foodie/gardening type bloggers, with a brilliant idea.  The idea was to share our garden, once a month, the highs and the lows. It’s a link up that I was more than happy to join in on. Our garden is a very important aspect ofContinue reading “The Garden Share Collective… June 2013”

Beekeeping course.

I’m no good a surprises.   Actually I’m not good at surprises if I know there’s a surprise coming.  “Clare, I’ve got you the best birthday present”, “we’re going out tomorrow”, or “I’ve got a surprise for you”, do not excite me.  They, in fact terrify me.  It may sound silly, but as a planner,Continue reading “Beekeeping course.”


This season we’ve already got in the ground more than we ever have had before, a wonderful range to get us through winter.  I can’t wait to taste all the fresh produce growing right outside our backdoor. On Sunday we replanted our seedlings that we had planted into polystyrene boxes, as I mentioned here, there wereContinue reading “Replanting”

Our Backyard.

I’ve recently been asked for a backyard tour from some readers.  It’s tricky to know about the best way to share.  So the above picture is a panorama, it’s slightly distorted.  On the far left we have our arches.  In the garden bed they are attached to, there are tiny seeds just breaking through theContinue reading “Our Backyard.”