An almost free dinner

I’m bursting with pride. Am I allowed to write that? Tonight Jay cooked a dinner that cost us less than a $1 for all 3 serves. When I was writing our meal plan this fortnight I added a Jamie Olive dish in haste. I knew a lot of the ingredients were in season and I […]

Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe

“I feel like Chicken Tonight, like Chicken Tonight” I remember running around the house singing these words when we were having sweet and sour chicken when I was a kid. Regardless of the brand of sweet sticky sauce, we would dance and sing these add lyrics. I loved this dinner. I’ve recently started cooking sweet […]

Best Veggie Pattie Ever

I mentioned in this fortnight’s meal plan that we’d having veggie patties this week, and that I’d share the recipe with you. It’s delicious, easy and a great one for doubling the recipe, making heaps and freezing for later. I also mentioned in that I first had these patties the night after our wedding. We had […]


I love it when Jay cooks dinner, he’s a fabulous cook and always cooks exciting and different things to my regular rotation. One of my favourites that he cooks is biryani (very closely followed by his delicious dahl and chapatti). Does your partner cook? What are some of your regular rotation meals? Biryani Author: Clare […]