At J’s Request.

Every morning in bed I read blogs and J reads The Age, both on our iPads. It feels like the modern version of the Saturday morning news paper reading.  I update him on my friends posts, and the ‘important’ bits of the news (from twitter) and he updates me on interesting info he finds inContinue reading “At J’s Request.”

Date and Apple Mini Muffins

Roller derby has really inspired me to watch what I eat, and become fitter. To pass our level one, we had to demonstrate our skating skills, transitions (turning backwards while skating and continuing to skate), falls (falling correctly, on our knees), 50 laps of the derby track in 10 minutes, and a wall sit INContinue reading “Date and Apple Mini Muffins”

Chocolate Caramel Slice, Oh And It’s Raw.

Recently I was challenged to make something… anything from the Live Raw cookbook. So last week I went through the cookbook, picked a delicious looking chocolate caramel slice and headed to the health food shop. And I proceeded to purchase $100 worth of fancy health food ingredients. When I got home I laid it all out on theContinue reading “Chocolate Caramel Slice, Oh And It’s Raw.”

My Raw Challenge

Twitter, you gotta love it!  No really I’m actually getting pretty obsessed with it.  I love the live communication with people all around the world!  I love that we can help each other out with a 140 characters.  And I especially love the motivation that can come from such a short conversation. I had this conversationContinue reading “My Raw Challenge”

My baking disaster…

I love baking, I love cooking new things, and I love trying something that is a little tricky. I’ve made macaron before, they turned out wonderfully!  So when I found Adriano Zumbo’s cookbook for $15 I couldn’t pass it up.  This guy is a pastry genius! All weekend I had planned to make his chocolateContinue reading “My baking disaster…”

Limes, limes and more limes.

With the lime curd I made last week I thought that I’d make some lime meringue cupcakes. I love lime (lemon) meringue pie, and I love cupcakes, so thought it’d be a fantastic combination! I just made a simple patty cakes, just like these ones here.  Once they had cooled down, I scooped out aContinue reading “Limes, limes and more limes.”