My First Ever Gingerbread House

Study procrastination does amazing things sometimes. While Jay has been in Sri Lanka (he’s home tonight YAY!!!), I’ve been fairly productive. This morning I cleared out my wardrobe, I’ve done all the Christmas shopping, visited both sets of my grandparents, been to Wollangarra and made my first ever gingerbread house. I asked for tips onContinue reading “My First Ever Gingerbread House”

Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

Whenever I have too much fruit I make an upside down cake. And I thought how delicious and decadent would it be to make an upside down cake with the champagne baked rhubarb. I gently curled the rhubarb around the base of the sugared cake pan, then poured the batter over the top and slidContinue reading “Rhubarb Upside Down Cake”

Egg Free Banana Muffins

We do a group activity most mornings, and most days we need to pack food and all of those days the food needs to be nut free and egg free. Egg free to the extent that it can’t even be in baking. So I’ve set myself  mission to find a good egg free muffin recipe.Continue reading “Egg Free Banana Muffins”

Cheesy-Mite Scroll

I know Australia Day was yesterday and I’m a little late to the party but I really wanted to share this cheesy-mite scroll recipe and a little about my first baking experience with Elliot. I love to bake, sugary sweet treats, muffins, cookies, cakes anything but I also love to be ordered, quick and inContinue reading “Cheesy-Mite Scroll”

Seasonal Fruit Crumble

This weekend was a scorcher in Melbourne, over 40 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday morning I’d had enough of sitting inside hiding from the heat, so we ventured about 10 minutes up the road to our friends pool. It was a lovely way to spend the morning, changed up the day a bit, gotContinue reading “Seasonal Fruit Crumble”

Wedding Cake Part 2

This is the second installment about the wedding cake that I baked, built, constructed and decorated. You can see part 1 here. We gently packed the four cakes (still wrapped in glad wrap), the 3 tubs of icing, the berries that were to be the decoration, the caramel and the crushed peanut-less brittle into theContinue reading “Wedding Cake Part 2”

Sweet Lemon Scrolls

When life hands you as many lemons as I’ve got at the moment, then you’ve really got to use your imagination with how you use them. I’ve made lemon slice, limoncello, squeezed and frozen juice in cubes. I’ve made preserved lemons, and have been drinking them in warm water to start the day. I reallyContinue reading “Sweet Lemon Scrolls”

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?  Who me? Yes you! Couldn’t be. Then who? Ok, it was me.  These are bloody delicious! Super morish! And make a delicious morning, afternoon tea, or dessert, or lunch… I may have even eaten one for breakfast!  They’d also make the perfect ice-cream sandwich cookie. The negativeContinue reading “White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies”