How We Structure Our Day With A Nearly Two Year Old

Toddler routines has been a hot topic for me recently. How myself and others structure their days with their nearly two year olds is something I’ve been particularly curious about. I love hearing how others do it, and I’m always happy to share our day with anyone who asks. We’ve always been big into routine sinceContinue reading “How We Structure Our Day With A Nearly Two Year Old”

Cheesy-Mite Scroll

I know Australia Day was yesterday and I’m a little late to the party but I really wanted to share this cheesy-mite scroll recipe and a little about my first baking experience with Elliot. I love to bake, sugary sweet treats, muffins, cookies, cakes anything but I also love to be ordered, quick and inContinue reading “Cheesy-Mite Scroll”

Baby Led Weaning: Our Experience

At our 4 month visit to the Maternal and Child Health Nurse, she asked if we/E was ready for solids.  I shook my head, he had payed no interested to food or us eating, and I was in absolutely no rush to start with solids. But one morning, he was 4 and a half monthsContinue reading “Baby Led Weaning: Our Experience”