Taking Stock… November 2016

This is a little about what’s happening in life at the moment. If you’d like to have a go, I think it’s a lovely way to sit back and reflect on life, then the gorgeous Pip has a blank list at the bottom of her Taking Stock. Making: Grown and Gathered’s soured doughnuts from their beautifulContinue reading “Taking Stock… November 2016”

Meal Plan #8

Spinach Pici Pasta I love watching cooking shows. I could have the cooking channel on all day every day, I find it great background noise and excellent inspiration for our meal plan. This recipe was on Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food and I googled it immediately. I can’t wait to try this version of pasta. BakedContinue reading “Meal Plan #8”

Asian Chicken and Vegetable Soup

There’s a pox on our house. I swear, we’ve done something and I can’t figure out what it is. I had tonsillitis, now Jay has tonsillitis and Elliot’s got full on snot, so much so that his nose is bleeding from all the wiping. I shared this on Instagram and the absolutely lovely Megann fromContinue reading “Asian Chicken and Vegetable Soup”

Garden Share Collective: Favourite

I wrote last week about how gardening doesn’t come naturally to me, it’s effort, and often overwhelming. But there are a few things that I really do love about being out in the garden. And what better way to celebrate that than to join in with the Garden Share Collective and talk about my favouriteContinue reading “Garden Share Collective: Favourite”

Grow Just One Thing

Spring has sprung, the sun is shining (sometimes), the birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing. And, as I do each year, I begin to feel the overwhelming pressure of getting plants in the ground to grow some spring/summer produce. You see, I’m an olive thumb. Not black thumb but most definitely not green. IContinue reading “Grow Just One Thing”

Local Is Lovely Workshop Recap

We drove the windy Blue Mountains road and arrived at Kimbri Farm. A pink hue filled the sky, gentle petals covering the ground, the cherry blossom jaw dropping with its beauty. The photographic opportunities didn’t end there. Everywhere I turned there were country cottage pockets of beauty. The Local is Lovely workshop was such a fantasticContinue reading “Local Is Lovely Workshop Recap”