Continental and Ripe Near Me

This post is written in partnership with Continental and Ripe Near Me* Around 18 months ago I was walking down the street, probably pushing the pram up the giant hill we live on, when I passed a neighbourhood centre. A sign in the window caught my attention. It was a small, A4 poster advertising aContinue reading “Continental and Ripe Near Me”

Jay’s Away So We’ll Play

Jay’s away this fortnight and I wasn’t going to do a meal plan, but groceries need to be done and it gives me a good idea of what to cook on some of those super long days. As you probably know from this post, we don’t need to buy too much fresh produce these summerContinue reading “Jay’s Away So We’ll Play”

An almost free dinner

I’m bursting with pride. Am I allowed to write that? Tonight Jay cooked a dinner that cost us less than a $1 for all 3 serves. When I was writing our meal plan this fortnight I added a Jamie Olive dish in haste. I knew a lot of the ingredients were in season and IContinue reading “An almost free dinner”

A Fortnight Featuring Feta

I did the groceries and I bought 4 packets of feta. Now I love the stuff, but that seemed like a lot. I think feta goes wonderfully with this season, it packs a salty punch, an excellent addition to a summer salad with tomatoes and zucchini. We’ve been out of the meal planning habit. ChristmasContinue reading “A Fortnight Featuring Feta”

Lazy Lady’s Frittata

We got home from camping at 2pm Saturday, we’d been in the car since 10am and we spent an hour unpacking. The last thing I wanted to do was to cook dinner. We could have ordered take away but honestly I couldn’t be bothered competing with the tourists in our town for fish and chips,Continue reading “Lazy Lady’s Frittata”

10 Things That Put A Smile on My Dial

You don’t always need grand gestures to make you feel better about life, in fact you shouldn’t always need them. I’ve found myself being really reflective at the start of this year, looking back on last year and thinking about those real, simple things that made me happy. It’s important to focus on the positives,Continue reading “10 Things That Put A Smile on My Dial”

In My Kitchen… Jan 2017

Technically there’s no In My Kitchen link up for January, it’s holidays and people are taking time away from their blogs etc but I couldn’t not share it with you all. So here goes. Tea Flasks from Tea Envy I love the Christmas time giveaways on Instagram. Last year I won a cookbook and thisContinue reading “In My Kitchen… Jan 2017”

My First Ever Gingerbread House

Study procrastination does amazing things sometimes. While Jay has been in Sri Lanka (he’s home tonight YAY!!!), I’ve been fairly productive. This morning I cleared out my wardrobe, I’ve done all the Christmas shopping, visited both sets of my grandparents, been to Wollangarra and made my first ever gingerbread house. I asked for tips onContinue reading “My First Ever Gingerbread House”

In My Kitchen… December 2016

I wasn’t planning on writing an In My Kitchen post this month, there’s a lot going on and not very much happening in our kitchen. But when Jay and I had a super quick trip to Sydney this weekend I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with Celia. Honestly, before I’d met this gorgeousContinue reading “In My Kitchen… December 2016”

25 Things I’m So Excited About For Christmas Time

1. Elf on the shelf^ I’ve been following the Elf on a Shelf’s journey for the last couple of years, and I was so excited to find out that it was launched in Australia this year. Elliot is at such an excellent age where he’s talking about Santa, he loves Christmas trees and he’s lookingContinue reading “25 Things I’m So Excited About For Christmas Time”