I’m scared to commit to plastic free July

Over the years we have reduced our single use plastic and waste. We tend not to drink take away coffee and when we do we use our reusable mugs. We use reusable bags when we do our groceries. We buy a local veggie box once a fortnight that has no plastic. We use our sodaContinue reading “I’m scared to commit to plastic free July”

A Cuppa With Clare – Life Update

Grab a cuppa and enjoy a bit of a life update. Doing: working, visiting, road tripping, eating, cooking, tidying. Our staff had two weeks off at this time of the year and we like to use it to catch up on non-program related work. That’s involved putting a lot of important documents into storage, andContinue reading “A Cuppa With Clare – Life Update”

Why We Stopped Meal Planning

I’ve raved about meal planning, I love it. I really do. I love the organising, I love the planning and I love knowing what I need to buy. But recently I have found that it wasn’t working for us. We’ve started buying our meat from a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) monthly membership, and because of thisContinue reading “Why We Stopped Meal Planning”

Life Lately – Taking Stock

MAKING: I’m loving sewing these little essential oil bags to send to anyone who signs up to my DoTERRA team. COOKING: simple food. Meat and vegetables mostly, not a lot of sugar, and eggs, lots of eggs. DRINKING: hot strong milky tea READING: Sarah Wilson’s First, we make the beast beautiful*. I don’t consider myself to have anxiety, norContinue reading “Life Lately – Taking Stock”

5th Wedding Anniversary at INGI

A little over a month ago now Jay and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. It’s the one excuse we can think of each year to try the current ‘in’ restaurant in our area. Over the last few years we have dined at some gorgeous places. They’re always way out of our budget but it’sContinue reading “5th Wedding Anniversary at INGI”

Veggie-Full Beef Burgers

We’re trying to pack veggies in all over the place. I shared how we added veggies into our bolognese a couple of weeks ago. We made these burgers and they were probably the best burger patties I’ve ever made. Now I’m not going to add the recipe because I didn’t measure anything. But I really wantContinue reading “Veggie-Full Beef Burgers”

Why We Started Using doTERRA Essential Oils.

12 months ago I was in despair, Elliot had this cough, a crazy croopy cough that was so rattling and unsettling. We would take him to the doctor and be given antibiotics, then go home, things would get better, then it would come back as hard as before. So we’d go back to the doctorContinue reading “Why We Started Using doTERRA Essential Oils.”