Lifelong Vitality

LLV to the beach? Absolutely! I wouldn’t go a day without these incredible supplements.


Lifelong Vitality Pack, LLV is made up of 3 supplements: Alpha CRS+, xEO Mega and Microplex VMz.
Alpha CRS+ Cellular Vitality Complex contains powerful polyphenols that protect our cells from free radicals that can damage cellular DNA, mitochondria and other critical cell structures. This supplement reduces oxidative stress and supports cellular energy, and healthy cellular immune function within the body.
xEO  Mega provides a proprietary blend of marine and land-sourced fatty acids. Essential fatty acids help your cardiovascular and immune systems, promoting cellular growth, joints, brain development and for proper inflammatory responses.
Microplex VMz provides a daily source of nutrients that your diet does not provide.
And do you know what, that’s all good and well. But the proof is in the experiential pudding. I’ve been taking these supplements for almost a month now and I can’t remember a time where I’ve had so many good night’s sleeps in a row. I still wake a lot, but resettle quickly and have not experienced middle of the night crazy thoughts and worries. Our days, working at Wollangarra, are big, constant, long and highly physical. Since starting to take the LLV I’ve notice that my recovery time is much quicker, I have far more energy and jump out of bed in the morning. I’m feeling less stressed (although Jay’s not sure he agrees with me on that one), and when I do get stressed, which of course I do, I feel better able to deal with it.
So for $115 a month for a little self care and a lotta goodness, I’m in, hooked! If you were interested in giving these goodies a go, you can get them for FREE if you join dōTERRA with an enrollment kit and place an order on the loyalty rewards program next month of over 100 points. Reach out if you have any questions, I’d love to help you get these supplements into your life!

A Cuppa With Clare – Life Update

Grab a cuppa and enjoy a bit of a life update.

Doing: working, visiting, road tripping, eating, cooking, tidying. Our staff had two weeks off at this time of the year and we like to use it to catch up on non-program related work. That’s involved putting a lot of important documents into storage, and doing some visits to supporters and even the man who built Wollangarra 30 years ago. The rest of the time is going to be used to do some building, tidying and admin around Wollangarra and our cottage Tussocky.


Hearing: Elliot singing. Gosh I love that sound. Drinking: Dandy Chai in the morning, red wine in the evening.

Eating/cooking: When I get to choose (because we live at a school camp), it’s meat and piles of veg. Low on carbs, high on veg. My favourite recently has been cauliflower and broccoli blanched, then coated in butter! So good. I’m also reducing my sugar, it doesn’t make me feel great, so I’m trying to come up with easy savory snacks. Hummus with carrot is a winner. I’d love to hear some of your favourite savory snacks.

Wanting: To be back at Tussocky. We’ve been road tripping for a few days now and been in the car most of today. And still have multiple hours of traveling ahead of us.

Looking: forward to some holidays that we have planned. We’re off to Hawaii in just over a week and then we’re having a week in Portarlington. It’ll be so lovely to have some quality time to catch up with friends while we’re in Portarlington.

Deciding: on what to pack for Hawaii. We’re taking carry on only, so we need to be careful with what we pack. I’m also putting a lot of thought into games/toys/activities and food for the plane. If you have any travelling with a four year old tips send them my way!

Enjoying: Our staff team. Gosh we have such a wonderful group of people working with us. They’re competent, understanding, and just generally wonderful.


Savouring: The warmth from the fire. The days here are icy cold and as much as our lives are spent outside, I do love to huddle around the fire. It won’t be too long before the days warm up and the winter days will be switched with warming sunshine.

Watching: We don’t have a lot of time or electricity for watching but when we do we love to get stuck into an episode or two of The Walking Dead.

Reading: I’m currently read The Handmaids Tale. I’ve loved the show and am finding that there’s a lot of details in the book that are happening in the second season. Great to have a reread. I also just finished reading Wonder which I really enjoyed and I’d love to watch the movie.

Wearing: checked shirts and jeans. I also recently found an ankle length overall dress that makes a lot of appearances.

Buying: Essential oils and food mostly.

Planning: For all our upcoming holidays. But also daily planning for work, next years calendar, staffing etc.

Craving: Some downtime in the sunshine.

Loving: Like I said above, I’m really enjoying our staff team and I’m loving that I’m able to focus on the bigger picture of my job.

Playing: Not a lot, sadly. I’m no much of a player, and I really should, Elliot loves it, obviously. Jay’s really good at playing. I should get into it more. But I do love me a good dance party.

Feeling: Good, happy, content, tired, cold, full, all the things!

This post is inspired by Pip Lincolne’s Taking Stock and Heidi’s Happenings. The photos were taken by my mum in her recent visit.

How doTERRA Changes Our Lives

In 2015 I was at my whits end. Elliot had this cough, a cough that grates on your heart. A raspy, awful cough that went all day every day. He was on course after course of antibiotics, they tried him on steroids, he had X-rays for his chest to see if he had asthma and there was nothing.
One day for fun, we went to the Portarlington psychics expo, and the first stall in the door was a doTERRA stall. I’d never heard of doTERRA and essential oils seemed a bit woo wooy to me, and doTERRA was so expensive. But we’d tried everything, I was desperate. So we purchased a starter kit and set the diffuser up in his room.
At the same point, we also started visiting salt rooms in Geelong. We’d sit in a room filled with salt 3 times a week, driving over an hour return for each session and costing us more money then we had, we had invested a lot financially into Elliot’s health.
And we started to see results, his cough started to ease. And eventually he only got he cough as the first sign of sickness, which he still gets even now.
After the oils had ‘done their thing’ I put them away in the cupboard only to be forgotten about. Some time later, a year even, I rediscovered the oils. I got them out and they started living on the bench, we’d payed a lot for these oils and I’d shunned them to the cupboard.
So I got them out and started using them any chance I got. For cleaning, cooking, play dough flavouring, diffusing, supporting emotions and our immune systems.
I continued to blog and I started to share my use of the oils. I was never great at being a stay at home mum, I love Elliot but people and community are my jam. I started to loose myself in the SAHM bubble and I needed to get out, to focus on something else every now and again.
So I reached out and started teaching classes, I started sharing more on my Instagram account about how we use the oils and how others can get them into their homes too. Sharing the oils not only helped our immune systems, but it saved my soul a little too.
I’ve recently started taking doTERRA’s most popular product, yep it’s not their oils, the Lifelong Vitality Pack, the supplements. And although it’s too soon to give too much feedback, I had the best nights sleep last night that I’ve had in a long time. But I’ll write a full post soon.
I’d love to connect with you, people are my jam, if you’re interested in learning more about the oils and how you can so easily get yourself a wholesale account and get your hands on these gorgeous oils.
Images from Alice Nicholls at The Whole Daily

Life Happenings 22/4/18

This blog post has been written in dribs and drabs over March and April.

Doing: Working, a lot. Our hours are long, days full, sun up until sun down we are busy on the flat, working with young people or farm work or admin. I do a lot of admin, email answering, phone call returning, planning for 2019 already.

Recently I had a quick but beautiful visit home. I had a few appointments in Geelong but other than that I enjoyed time with my mum, dad and sister. It was a lovely slow few days.
Hearing: the morning call of the kookaburra, our rooster and quiet farm noises.
Drinking: a few glasses of cask wine, it’s a day off today and to get everything in and out of our little cottage is quite the adventure. We first purchase things in our closest town, approximately 30 mins drive from our front gate. Once we return to the gate we must unload from our car and load into a Wollangarra vehicle, since the front paddock isn’t ours. We drive the very bumpy 1 km drive to the ‘landing’ where we park our cars. Next the Wollangarra vehicle is unloaded into a rickshaw, which is then pushed or pulled to the bottom of the hill to the flying fox. The rickshaw is the unloaded as we carrying bags, packages, groceries etc up this hill in arm fulls. Finally, we pile our purchases, and ourselves onto the fox platform and fly across the river. Once we reach the Wollangarra side of the river the fox is then unloaded, often we send it back for subsequent trips over the river, but if it’s just one, it’s unloaded into another rickshaw, then pulled up to the homestead. If the groceries are for us at our cottage, Tussocky, they are then loaded into a backpack. Slung onto our backs and we keep on adventuring. Walk through the homestead paddock, past our wonderfully large veggie garden, jump the fence and scramble down to the river. We wade the river during summer and when the river is up we use the canoe. Once we reach the other side of the river, we stroll along the well worn path until we reach our little bush cottage. Last year we were particular with our wine choices, but we’ve realised its easier to get wine into our house in a cask, and much easier to dispose of, so I’m currently drinking a well deserved glass of cask wine.
Eating/Cooking: Recently for breakfast I’ve been enjoying fried eggs, with sautéed greens from the garden, topped with homemade plain yoghurt, with sunflower seeds and pepitas. Last week I also added some homemade pumpkin dip that had been excess from what went out on hike.
One of our staff members/housemates has been making the most incredible rye sourdough. One day I’ll learn how to bake it too, but right now I’m just really enjoying eating the bread she bakes. Some days I’ll add a slice of that or a leftover flatbread to breakfast.
Sourdough hot cross buns have been a regular around here. I’ve always used this recipe, but Celia says I should try this new recipe of hers.
I’m so thankful to say that we’ve been eating a lot from the garden. I cannot claim to have done any of the work growing the produce, but I very much appreciate all the time that has gone into it.
Wanting: A little more family time. Jay, Elliot and I live where we work, from the minute we wake until the minute we fall into our beds at the end of the day, we’re working and we actually don’t spend that much time together. We have one day off a week most days and often I spend that hidden behind a book or a computer screen watching something, zoning out from the world. We really need to make more time to spend as a family, I’m just not sure how.
Looking: forward to some holidays we’ve got planned, a few days here a week there. How exciting.
Deciding: to write more blog posts. They will just be tales of our life, and they still may be few and far between but I enjoy writing and I like sharing tidbits of our adventure out here.
Enjoying: a slow morning. It doesn’t happen often but Elliot woke when it was almost light this morning and it makes a huge difference to my sanity.
Savouring: solo time. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, boy is it a treat!
Reading: I recently re-read all of the Harry Potter books, I love to read but with our big work days I need some light reading. So I’ve taken to reading teen books that I’ve read before. I’m currently in the middle of The Hunger Games series.
I’m also obsessed with the library, I always have been. I’ve been enjoying perusing Eat Dirt, The Cornersmith cookbook, and Headspace I borrowed Pete Evan’s cookbook Lunchbox, and I liked it so much Jay bought it for me from Kmart.
I’ve also just been loaned The Guernsey Literacy and Potato Peep Pie Society. I’m looking forward to watching the movie.
Watching: All the old things. I watched the Harry Potter movies after reading the books, then of course moved on to the Hunger Games Movies. I’ve been watching Sex and the City episodes when I get some down time and when Jay and I get a change to watch something together we’ve been loving Suits and we’ve just started watching The Walking Dead.
Inspired by Pip and Heidi

Fairly Simple Bread

For the last few years I taught how to bake a basic loaf of sourdough. There were plenty of others around with more skill, expertise and prowess than I but I loved teaching the simple skill and getting to meet people that I often chatted with over Instagram.

These days I rarely bake a sourdough loaf, but do get to enjoy the lovingly baked rye sourdough loaves that one of our wonderful staff puts into our wood fired oven at least once a week. I’ve been enjoyed baking the occasional loaf, following the beautiful recipe by The Clever Carrot.

While I no longer bake excessive sourdough loaves I am finding myself teaching and baking a whole lot of yeasted breads.

Each Monday afternoon we teach a different group of young people how to bake bread. We use a very simple recipe and I have since found out that it makes wonderful flat breads too.

Learning how to bake bread is such a wonderfully simple step in the direction of being more self sufficient, using less single use plastic and living more frugally. If the young people who come to visit take one thing from their time here I do hope that bread baking is it, or at least the philosophies behind it.


So today I wanted to share my recipe with you, a wonderfully simple recipe that everyone should know.

Basic Yeasted Bread
Author: Clare Reilly
  • 3 cups strong bakers flour (sometimes I use 2 white and 1 whole meal)
  • 1 dessert spoon yeast
  • 1/2 dessert spoon salt
  • Luke warm water
  1. Add all dry ingredients
  2. Slowly add warm water until dough comes together.
  3. Kneed in bowl or on bench buy folding one ‘corner’ on to the dough ball and pushing firmly with heal of your hand.
  4. Let rise until about double in size.
  5. At this point you can either cut into about 16 small balls and roll flat, dry fry in a hot fry pan. Or shape and place into bread tin. Allow to rise until just below rim of the tin. Bake until dark and hollow sounding.


This week…

Hello, how are you? How has your week been?

This week we have been recovering from our Open Day. It’s a wonderfully big day filled with supporters new and old, and it’s our biggest fundraiser for the year (Wollangarra is a not-for-profit, so fundraise we must). This day takes a huge amount of organisation and preparation, and a massive on site week of build up and set up and then about that of pack up too. I didn’t take too many photos but I did make a little video that I shared on Wollangarra’s Instagram account.

Last week I was reminded on my love of spinning wool when I took 15 minutes on Open Day to sit with our amazing demonstrator, Marion and have a refresher.

This week we all jumped in the mini van, Alby and headed up and over the mountain to visit Ian and Liv Stapelton who built Wollangarra. There’s something special about Wollangarra, the way it was built, with the help of the community is quite remarkable and Ian and Liv still hold a special place in all of our hearts (I have to say when I first met them it was definitely a fan girl moment). So we put Elliot’s car seat into the van, we packed up food and bedding for 8 and jumped in the van for three big days of driving.

We stopped in opshops along the way, we ate ice cream and stopped for dinner at the Omeo Hotel, where we played pool while waiting for our meals. We camped at a road side stop and Jay looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, “we are at work” he said. We woke to the most spectacular sky, and then drove on for some snow play.

Our visit with Ian and Liv was wonderful, great for our staff to meet the man behind their all consuming place of work and hear the stories about the original ‘why’, to hear that life moves on afterwards is also super valuable.

Last week my sister came to visit. It was the craziest week on the flat we’d had all year, with a program out in the field, another on the flat and Open Day preparation in full swing, she took it all in her stride. Hannah had been through the Wollangarra program as a young person but hadn’t been back in lot 11 years. I think it was great for her to see the place really doesn’t change that much and so wonderful for the young people to see what it’s like to move on from Wollangarra. I loved having Hannah up so so much, she headed up baking about 30 trays of cake for Open Day, and that’s no easy feat when we only have 9 trays and 7 oven spaces. We were baking from breakfast until dinner!

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

Do you have something fun planned?

Kay, Bye, Love Clare xx

Things I’m loving!

I’ve been reflecting on some things I’m loving in life these days and I wanted to share some of them with you. Life is good, great in fact, the days are long and full, and I go to bed with a full heart and wake with a smile. I hope you are doing the same.

The app Pocket – we don’t have internet where we live or work, or even for about a 30 minute journey from our front door. This app can save webpages to your phone offline. I’m finding it particularly excellent for recipes from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial because Celia’s recipes are so perfect for this place.

Two day old pony tales – there’s no mirrors here, there doesn’t need to be. It something we’ve talked about a fair bit, having young people, particularly young women, come up on camps here, the need to conform, or to confirm to feminist ideals. What we’re trying to share is the idea that 
we have the option to wear whatever we want; skirts hiking, dresses on a small farm, jeans etc, and have the choice to not shave or shave our arm pits and legs. I generally put my hair up in a pony tale to keep it out of my way and it stays in the same pony tale for a few days, until it gets too unruly. And do you know what, it doesn’t bother anyone.

Yeast over sourdough – you never thought you’d hear me say it but I’m enjoying baking with commercial yeast. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in love with sourdough and the process but it’s tricky here, trying to find the timings between long work days and young people in the kitchen, the wood fired oven never gets quite hot enough. I’ve been baking yeast loaves of bread, pizza scrolls for Elliot to take to occasional care, even stuffed focaccia.

Wild by Sarah Glover – It arrived in the mail last Friday and I had the whole weekend to devour it. The book is stunning and perfect for what we’re doing at the moment, I can see us baking quite a few of the over the campfire recipes out here. But more than that it is an inspiration, I would love to road trip around Australia after our time here and cook just like Sarah does.

Weekends – novel I know, but we work 6 days a week, Sunday through Friday. But 9 times a year we get a full 2 day (and sometimes even a 3 day) weekend. We bundle up some food and cross the river once again to escape to our cottage, Tussocky. We have two (or three) whole days of family time, pottering and watching the odd sneaky movie, relying on the computer battery to hold out until the end.

Our local Library – I’ve always loved a library. I love requesting any and every book that I see someone devouring on Instagram to have a peruse.

FuroshikiCelia posted me a couple of cotton wraps and I am loving using them. Our town missions end up with piles of bits and pieces and it wonderful to be able to contain them to carry across the flying fox.

July Taking Stock

Making: lists.
Cooking: stew with root veggies and a deer shank. I cooked it on our tiny gas hob for 7 hours. It was delicious and even better the next day.
Drinking: All the tea and weekend red wine
Reading: I Am Pilgrim – it’s oh so long and I’m sort of done with it but I just want to find out what happens.
Wanting: to bake some sourdough. I miss the process!
Looking: Out the window at the snow. We’re just driving over Mount Hotham on the way home from some lovely visiting.
Deciding: To make more of an effort to reduce my single use plastic. I’ve just bought bamboo toothbrushes for the next couple of years.
Wishing: I was sitting by our fire snuggled up with a bowl of soup and a glass of wine. Not long now though.
Enjoying: Being in the car with my boys. Car time has always been Jay and my real catch up time.
Waiting: For my mum and dad to visit next week!
Loving: Our new life!
Pondering: Only very occasionally, what we’ll do after Wollangarra.
Listening: To Elliot tell me he’s hungry every couple of minutes.
Considering: Birthday celebrations for my love.
Buying: Bamboo tooth brushes, op shop home wears and letter writing kits.
Watching: movies on our computer on the weekend evenings if we can get our computer charged enough.
Marvelling: At Elliot’s ability to adapt to our new life, and his language!
Needing: to figure out how to fit me time into this new life.
Questioning: how we got to be where we are
Smelling: smoke in my clothes, everything we do revolves around fire, cooking, warming and hot water.
Wearing: thermals, Red Back elastic sided boots and beanies
Following: fewer and fewer. My time with mobile service is so limited that I can’t scroll through all the things, so I’m reducing those I follow.
Noticing: how sugar effects Elliot and trying to be very mindful of that.
Knowing: that we are exactly where we need to be
Thinking: ALL. THE. TIME. My brain feels so full of all the things. I’m doing a lot of list writing.
Admiring: Ian Stapelton. He’s the man behind Wollangarra. He came up with this idea, devoted his whole life to it, then left it for others to run. If you want to know more about how Wollangarra was set up you should find the book Secondhand And Solid.
Getting: excited about checking the mailbox when we get home. Snail mail is my favourite.
Coveting: solo time.
Giggling: with Elliot. He’s such a character.
Feeling: so happy and a little tired
Helping: Jay learn about stay at home/work at home parenting
Mixing: work and pleasure.
Celebrating: life. It really is wonderful.
Forgetting: birthdays! And I feel awful about it.
Pretending: that I know what I’m doing.
Embracing: no internet, no electricity, and the occasional gas hot water shower!

Dream Job!

We’ve spent the last three weeks packing. Madly packing. Because just over three weeks ago we found out that we were successful in our application for our dream job. Directing Wollangarra. You might have seen the news on Instagram or Facebook, but if you haven’t here it is.

For the next three years, Jay and I will be co-directing Wollangarra, working in conjunction with the staff, who we will live on site with and the council, the governing body. Essentially the job is an admin job, chatting with schools, paying bills etc and making sure the staff are having the best time and are able to be their best for the school groups.

As you know, I think the place is amazing and it’s always had a piece of my heart. Now we get to be amongst it for the next few years. There is a landline on site, no internet reception, no electricity, no mobile service, it has an amazing community and a divine place to grow up. When we leave there Elliot will be 6! It also creates the best letter writing vibes!

You might be wondering how I might fare with no internet, as you would mostly know me via the internet. Well, I can’t wait to switch off. Every time we go there, I relish in switching my phone off and often feel anxious when coming back into reception. Of late, I have felt myself taking a fairly large step back from social media, you might have noticed too?

I will still be posting on Instagram and Facebook, but instead of posts every few days, you’re likely to get bombarded with posts once a week. The subject matter may be slightly different, although I suspect there’ll still be food, nature and essential oil photos, as these are my passions. I’ll still be working with the essential oils, so if you’re keen reach out and I have an amazing team who will support you when I can’t answer immediately.

I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us, how I go being back in full time work, and how things change for us as a family. And I hope you won’t mind me sharing it here.

Why We Stopped Meal Planning

I’ve raved about meal planning, I love it. I really do. I love the organising, I love the planning and I love knowing what I need to buy. But recently I have found that it wasn’t working for us.

We’ve started buying our meat from a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) monthly membership, and because of this I began doing a monthly grocery shop. I’ve been getting fresh food once a week or fortnight as we needed it. But apart from the fruit and veg I tend to only be at the supermarket once a month.

I wrote a couple of monthly meal plans, but to be honest they just weren’t working for us. It’d take me so long to go through and imagine enough meals for the month. Then once I had done that, it’d be rare that we’d refer to it during the month.

With the new shopping has come a new way of eating. We are greatly reducing our carbohydrate consumption and are focusing much heavier on eating veggies and a small amount of meat with most meals. This helps with the monthly grocery shop because really I need to top up on are a some gluten free pasta, nuts and seeds, oils, butter, yoghurt, milk and some tinned tomatoes and legumes.

Throughout the month I have been inspired to pick up my cookbooks, mostly using Simplicious*, I Quit Sugar For Life*, I Quit Sugar Slow Cooker Cookbook* (I’m not quitting sugar, just love the easy, delicious, healthy recipes). And often I’m thinking a few days in advance about dinner, grabbing meat out of our deep freezer to defrost a few days in advance. But usually dinner ends up being mostly roast veggies or a salad with a small about of meat. We will often share two steaks between the three of us and have left overs to add to a toasted cheese sandwich the following day.

Rarely do I feel the frustrations I once did about ‘what’s for dinner’, I’ve re-found my joy for cooking and Elliot will often help me in the early afternoon to get dinner prepared. I’m lucky and thankful to have the time to spend in the kitchen with my little one.

I should also mention that we’re still sticking to our budget, but are now stretching $400 over the month. If the money runs out, we go without and just use what we have at home.

Tell me do you meal plan? Monthly? Weekly? Fortnightly? Do you just fly by the seat of your pants?

Life Lately – Taking Stock

MAKING: I’m loving sewing these little essential oil bags to send to anyone who signs up to my DoTERRA team.
COOKING: simple food. Meat and vegetables mostly, not a lot of sugar, and eggs, lots of eggs.
DRINKING: hot strong milky tea
READING: Sarah Wilson’s First, we make the beast beautiful*. I don’t consider myself to have anxiety, nor can I understand how someone who has it feels, but I do get anxious feelings. I’ve mentioned before that I am an over thinker, I over analyse everything and this can often lead to worry about having done the wrong thing. This book has been so refreshing to read.
WANTING: To snuggle up with a movie and a good book and a hot cuppa.
DECIDING: how we want the future to look. Monday to Friday, 9-5 doesn’t really work for us. And so we’re wondering what the next adventure is going to be for us.
ENJOYING: spending days with Elliot. It has taken me a long time for me to really immerse myself into toddler days. I’ve spend a lot of the last few years trying to do all the things, and I’ve realised that the time to play with Elliot will run out. So now we have dance parties, do crafting, cooking and spending quality time together.
LOVING: the amazing community I have around me. My family are close, geographically mostly, but their close emotionally and I’m so thankful for them! But as well as that I’m loving having such a wonderful group of like minded women around.
LISTENING: To podcasts. I loved this one A LOT, and I binge listened to all of this in just a few days and this gave me all the feels.
BUYING: essential oils, of course. I’m so excited for this package to arrive. There are some beautiful oils in there that will support us emotionally and physically. If you’d like to learn more about essential oils send me an email ( or check out this page.
WATCHING: Masterchef. I love reality TV particularly Masterchef and Survivor. I get so excited food while watching Masterchef, I love learning about different ways to use different, simple ingredients.
EATING: Although we’ve been cooking simple food recently I’ve been out for some amazing meals.

WEARING: Actually I’m loving today’s outfit. Black jeans from an opshop in Warnambool, a loose black top from an opshop in Drysdale and black moccasins from an op shop in Hayfield. I’m comfortable, feeling confident and saving the environment by buying secondhand.
SLICING: Two of Sarah Wilson’s loafs from Simplicious*. The Not Quite Banana Bread and The Allergy Free Bread, both delicious, are sliced and in the freezer. Then when we want one, just just defrost and put in the sandwich press and lather with butter!
EMBRACING: Me, myself and I. There’s been things that have made this tough recently but I’m the best version of myself and I’m bloody kicking goals!

Life has been slow and I’m loving it.