5 things I love about our little cottage in the bush.

We’ve lived here almost 2 years now. I can’t believe it and it’s coming to my realisation that it’s coming to an end. Our contract, two years with an optional third, has a flexible end to accomodate the incoming directors, could end before we know it and I wanted to share with you some things that I love about our little cottage Tussocky, that we have called home.

So in no particular order…

  1. I love the toilet. It’s composting, has a great view, needs no flushing and means that you have to go outside everyday. I don’t love that in the night I have to go outside to go to the toilet. But it’s closer to our cottage than the one at the camp and I chatted to someone last year about how they designed their house with their toilet just outside their main door, so that each day they would have to go outside. How often do you realise you didn’t leave the house some days?
  2. It’s remote, quiet and peaceful. I can spend days not talking to anyone and sometimes that’s so lovely. I do get a little lonely and have days where I just need to go into town so that I can talk to someone other than the people who live here.
  3. Our river. Gosh, I do love our river. We pump our drinking water, showering water, bathing water, cooking water etc up from the river. It’s also the perfect way to relax after a big day, great way to spend summer days and perfect way to cool off after those crazy hot days.
  4. Our bath. I haven’t been utilising it much recently. Lying out here with epsom salts and essential oils, my book, whatever weather I am surprised with and the birds is pretty spectacular.
  5. Using fire to warm us and create ambiance. We have a little pot belly stove inside that we light to warm the house up in winter. We also have a fire pit outside that we sit around and even cook around when there are more people here. It’s lovely, we call it bush TV, and for some reason is the bearer of beautiful conversations.

Distance Education

Elliot just turned 5 and because we’re living and working where we are, he has never been to kinder, he did go to occasional care when we were in Portarlington and for a term or so when we were up here. It’s at least an hour each way to town including the flying fox, or the walk around, so daily driving to and from town is just not really an option for us.

We knew when we signed up for this job that it’d be likely we’d be homeschooling for part of our experience because we want Elliot to go to our local primary school when we finish up. I tell you what, I’m glad it’s a now, as we have a bit of knowledge and understanding about our job, because it’s tough.

It’s tough to fit in amongst a full time job. It’s tough to spend so much time offsite to access the internet. And it’s tough to have that relationship with Elliot.

He’s never been one for sitting still, holding a pencil, never really been into books, drawing, colouring etc. He’s loud, busy and active. We’re about 6 weeks into the year and each morning he says something like, ‘do you know was a doesn’t make me happy, school work.’ And I know that it’s mostly because he finds english (reading and writing) hard, but it still breaks my heart.

But I’m finding every day that it’s just a little easier, I have switched form a “god damn it, we’ve gotta get the school work done” mindset to a ‘this’ll be fun’ mindset and I’m noticing that he is too. He’s able to sit still for longer, something has just clicked with his reading and writing and he’s starting to recognise more words and we’re both finding a bit of a groove.

This year is to get him prepared for when he gets into a classroom next year. I always thought of it as being kinder. But after a chat with our local school and the possibility of him going into grade 1 next year, I feel like we’ve got to take it seriously.

So he’s enrolled in Distance Ed, he has teacher, I am his supervisor and we get sent packages of school work. He has a curriculum and gets marked school work returned each week. We have to do a lot of the work offsite as it mostly requires a computer and the internet. We’re working it out and it’s starting to feel fun, and I’m so proud of him.

Did your little one start school this year? How are you finding it? Do you or anyone you know homeschool or do distance ed? I’d love to hear your stories.

My 7 Favourite doTERRA Products That Aren’t Essential Oils.

I love doTERRA essential oils. We have quite the collection, maybe 80 or so but doTERRA is not just essential oils and while sitting here with the mud mask on, I thought I’d share some of the other products that we love.

doTERRA Spa Detoxifying Mud Mask

I’ve never really been into skincare but in my effort to take a little more self care I’m loving using these oils on my skin. So I try to do the mud mask once a week, usually on our day off, then I use a beautiful blend of Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood and Yarrow/Pom with Jojoba oil afterwards. I’ve had so many complements recently on how great my skin is looking. Must the all the fresh air, and mud masks and essential oils.

On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste

I love this toothpaste. It is a natural fluoride free toothpaste option. Mostly I just love how it tastes, and the benefits of the On Guard essential oil in my mouth twice a day.

Life Long Vitality Supplements

I’ve written before about how much I love the doTERRA LLV supplements. We’ve been out of stock in Australia for a few months now, so I have been without them since January but I have recently placed a US order and I’ll be getting these babies back into my hands soon!

Ice Blue Rub

I love this rub! It’s so great for temporary aches and pains, tight muscles and tension.

On Guard Laundry Concentrate

We do a lot of hand washing have no electricity and I happy and confident to pour the water we’ve used for washing over the grass. It’s also so concentrated and is such great value for money, a bottle lasts us months.

doTERRA Spa Lip Balm

I’ve never loved a lip balm so much! It’s silky and smooth and smells like holidays!

Peppermint Beadlets

Who needs gum or breath mints when you have essential oils! These are a 1/4 of a drop in a tiny little dissolvable capsule, just pop it in your mouth.

I love these products and use them a lot. If you’re interested in learning more about getting doTERRA products and oils into your life, find me on Facebook or Instagram or check out this page.

9v9 Veggie Challenge

Since Alice (of The Whole Daily) starting talking about 9v9 Veggie Challenge I have been intrigued. 9 cups of veggies a day for 9 days, should be simple right, and even though I know that I feel better when eating a lot of veggies and protein, I found that I was still filling up on sugar or carbs.

So for the most recent round of 9v9 I bit the metaphorical nutra-bullet and paid the $75 for unlimited access. I went to Officeworks and printed off the two cookbooks that we get access to throughout the challenge and did a big grocery shop.

The idea was to eat mostly above ground, lighter vegetables. Breakfast recipes offered were mostly various smoothies and as we have no electricity they were not an option for me, so I stuck with my usual brekkie fry up. In the jar below was my take to work brekkie from our cottage, Tussocky to Wollangarra. A fry up of zucchini, mushrooms, grated carrots, and peas, topped with feta, quarter of an avocado, hemp seeds and dulse flakes. About 3 cups of veggies for breakfast, we measure raw veggies.

This cabbage and roast chicken salad was so delicious. Crunchy, sour from the squeeze of lemon juice and creamy from the little bits of pine nuts and chicken. I made it multiple times throughout the 9 days.

We have a super fun tradition with our 2019 staff team, Deli Dinner at Tussocky whenever we can fit it in. And seeing as this one was in the middle of my 9v9, I stocked up on veggies throughout the day and then served freshly made veggie dips and veggie sticks. As well as a delicious array of delicious deli foods.

Another fry up above and below the cabbage and chicken salad again. Served with kale chips and a secret veggie macaroni and cheese.

One of the things that both Jay and I found is that we just weren’t that hungry. We wake quite early, but weren’t ready to eat breakfast until mid-morning, and then we’d generally both be happy to hold out for dinner. I raised this with Helen and she said that this isn a great result, as we were feeding ourselves with such nutrient dense foods that we were satiated for longer and weren’t snacking on carbs and sugar. Others mentioned that they weren’t getting full after breakfast and (one of the things that I loved about this ‘program’) she was encouraged to snack if she needed to but snack of veggies. Carrot with a veggie dip etc.

I started to get creative with the ways we could all eat enough veggies and this one tray Okonomiyaki from Simplicious. Meant each serve of this slice had about 2 cups of raw veggies and then we added homemade beetroot dip, some olives and a 1/3 of a steak (we share one between the three of us).

Meals out weren’t tricky to navigate, the lunch below was from Cafe Onyx in Traralgon, and during the challenge we went to dinner at The Long Paddock for our anniversary.

I also had a night on my own and this is what I really wanted to eat for dinner, so I just did.

Our final 9v9 dinner was Cauliflower and grape salad, gosh, this one was delicious! Again, served with a third of a steak, it was perfect.

I’d recommend the 9v9 Veggie Challenge to anyone, the recipes are delicious, there are no rules and its a great way to get back into the groove of getting more veggies into you. The lives with Helen Padarin are invaluable, she has so much knowledge in her brain. Thanks so much to Helen and Alice for running it and to everyone else involved.

Our 7th Wedding Anniversary – The Long Paddock Lindenow

It was our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday. We celebrated over the weekend with a five course dinner at The Long Paddock in Lindenow. We’d been there for lunch before and love their philosophy on celebrating local East Gippsland producers. And this year they have started doing five course dinners on a Saturday night.

We love a fancy meal to celebrate our anniversary (we went to Loam for our first wedding anniversary, Brae for our second, Oakdene for our third and Little Green Corner for our forth, IGNI for our fifth and sadly we let work get in the way last year). So when a beautiful local friend of ours was happy to have Elliot for the evening and then have us crash at her place (because getting back in to Wollangarra, late, after Elliot has already been asleep is not really a thing) we jumped at the opportunity.

We arrived and were seated in my favourite location, right next to the kitchen and I took the seat where I could see what was going on. There were these gorgeous cheesey tapioca balls for us to start with. We chose the obvious option, 5 courses and wine matching. But as Jay was driving he just had a taste of each wine and then poured the rest into my glass.

The wines were beautiful matched and we found so much joy in drinking a nice wine, not something from a cask (easy to carry in and out of Wollangarra). This One Block Pinot Gris was crisp and light and went beautifully with the pigs cheek croquette.

This was the plate I was given, beautiful, crisp and white, but Jay’s plate, the one below was cuter, so we swapped. The menu was quite meat heavy, my idea of heaven to be honest and it took everything in my power to not just devour every course.

I affectionately nicknamed the second course “fish and chips”, it was really Kingfish tartare with cultured cream and nori. It wasn’t whole unless you had a little of each element all together. The softness of the fish, the sourness of the cultured cream, the crunch of the chips and salt from the nori. Just perfection!

Possibly my favourite course with my favourite wine. Beef cheek wellington, Gippsland Pearls Oyster mushrooms, Riviera spinach paired with Amulet Barbara from Beechworth. The meat fell apart with your fork, the sauce rich and the pureed spinach almost creamy. The wine was deep, Jay said it took him places that he’d never been. That he could have bathed in it and that it was as enjoyable to smell as it was to drink and he didn’t want it to end.

I loved my seat. I watched the wait staff move smoothly through the 5 courses, serving wines and quietly doing dishes. I watched the chefs plate up, dancing around each other getting ready to move on to the next course. And I watched other customers come and go, enjoying the meals, laughing and celebrating.

The forth course was delicious but big. It felt slightly too big for a forth course, but I ate it all up. Lamb rump, braised borlotti beans and cavil nero. It was rich, deep and hearty.

This cocktail was divine, light, sour and refreshing. Bees knees it was called, honey syrup, gin and lemon juice. Jay’s done some research and found that honey syrup was used for cocktails during the prohibition era and is making a comeback. And it has now come back right into our kitchen, as he has replicated it and I am currently enjoying the fruits of his labour.

Dessert was individual apple tart tartin, cinnamon ice cream and creme fraiche. We both admitted that we’d never eaten creme fraiche and we loved it. The dessert was delicious, the cinnamon flavour wasn’t too strong and the flaky pastry, with the sticky sweet apples and the creamy condiments was the perfect way to end the rich decedent evening.

The food was delicious and I do hope we get to go back before our time in this area is up. But the best part of the evening was that Jay and I got to spend 5 hours together with no interruptions, we could converse about things other than work, in fact we tried really hard not to talk about work (tough when you work together), and to do something ‘normal’ away from Wollangarra.

If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend The Long Paddock in Lindenow.

Catering for Wilderness First Aid

Each year at Wollangarra the staff team go through a huge amount of training to get them prepared for the year ahead. There’s really no qualifications needed for our Outdoor Leader positions (more and more we are finding that we’re getting outdoor qualified applicants) but mostly we look for enthusiasm and an understanding of the Wollangarra philosophies.

Elliot loved learning about ‘saving peoples lives’ and was involved in most of the scenarios

So once the staff start in January there’s about two months of training ahead of them, mental health first aid, food handling, bronze medallion, tractor training, chainsaw training, 4 wheel driving, Wilderness First Aid, as well as all the in house on site and program training.

Last week we hosted a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course run by Survive First Aid at Wollangarra. We had a bunch of really awesome members of the Wollangarra and Mittagundi community, as well as the Mittagundi 2019 staff team hanging out with us.

I’d done my WFA last year so I didn’t need to do it again, so I relegated to the kitchen to cater for the budding first aiders with some amazing helpers!

The Kitchen Crew, Gilly, Liv, Elliot, Mali and I

The menu for the week was ‘camp food for adults’. We were responsible for cooking/prepping morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner for 26 (including us cooks and the trainers), and our 2019 team did brekkie and the kitchen clean at the end of each day.


  • Mon lunch: falafel, brown rice and roasted cauliflower salad with flatbread
  • Mon dinner: Lasagne
  • Tues lunch: Salad rolls
  • Tues dinner: “Monday night dinner” a beanie, tomatoey, Mexicanie sauce with rice, corn chips, cheese and salad.
  • Weds lunch: Zucchini slice and salad
  • Weds dinner: Baked potatoes with beans, coleslaw, cheese and homemade yoghurt
  • Thurs lunch: Salad rolls
  • Thurs dinner: Salads with veggie or meat patties
  • Fri lunch: Jay’s dahl


We also made a lot of mayonnaise, multiple batches of yoghurt (I now make three litres at a time), a lot of bread for the breakfasts (for flat breads and scrolls I also used the fairly simple bread recipe). And in between it all we got some time to write letters (one of my favourite Wollangarra past times), read books, be patients in scenarios, do coffee scrub face masks and lots of great chats.

Wraps, falafel and salad

Finding joy

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I was no longer fun. I’d lost the fun in my life and I didn’t even know where to start to find it. Honestly, I’d stopped looking because that’s just what life had become, but then I realised that I owed it to myself to find my fun.

The post had such beautiful feedback, with a lot of you feeling the same, but also some lovely suggestions on where I could start looking.


And well, I thought with so many of you in a similar position to me, that you might like to hear some of the ideas.

  • learn a language
  • learn to play a music instrument like the ukulele
  • crochet granny squares
  • learn to juggle
  • do exercise, make up a backyard circuit
  • take up bird watching
  • do puzzles, quizzes, games daily eg sudoku, crossword puzzles, logic games
  • do something every day that makes YOU feel good
  • spend more time with people who love you
  • swim in rivers or ocean

I also really love the Simple Things magazine Could Do list.

Some things I’ve been doing to find fun/joy in my every day:

  • I watched a great TedTalk that made me see the world a little differently
  • I’ve been unashamedly me
  • Baking all the sourdough
  • Beginning to give less fucks
  • I’ve tried unicycle riding and juggling and will continue to
  • I’ve been listening to more music and have started putting together a Fun Times play list on Spotify.
  • Spending more time with people who love me for me and chatting with them more when we can’t be together.
  • Swimming in the river
  • I’ve started doing yoga at home a couple of days a week. I love Yoga With Adriene when I can.
  • #ZFTuesday are fun to get involved in
  • Of course I use my essential oils to support me. And Ylang Ylang came into my life right as I needed it.IMG_7502.JPG

I’d love to hear your suggestions on how your find fun in daily life. I’ve definitely been feeling a bit more day to day joy, I’m not completely fun yet, but I’m working on it. And I’m finding the above things help, so I’m going to keep on doing them.

I’m not fun anymore

I’ve always claimed that I’m not funny. Honestly, usually just saying, ‘I’m not funny’ gets a laugh. But recently I’ve noticed that I’m not having fun, I’m not fun. I know how to have fun. The things you do to have fun, hang out with friends, doing cartwheels, going for a swim, dancing in the rain etc. But honestly, there’s just not that much joy coming from them.

I wrote on Instagram how last year was tough, but honestly I think I can remember the fun being sucked out of me slowly over the last two, maybe even four years.

Things get serious when you have a baby and spontaneity was reduced, and we started building a house, and all the excuses until about two years ago when I got a medical wake up and being in pain all the time isn’t particularly fun. Then 18 months ago we started our job at Wollangarra and then we were the bosses at a place I had dreamed of working since I was 16. It felt as though we had so much responsibility (we did really) to the idea and story around Wollangarra, and had 5 amazing staff to care for and help through their tenure. And through all of that I carried my world on my shoulders and forgot how to be fun.

I did some research this morning, I googled “I’m not having fun anymore.” There was a lot of articles about depression and negative thoughts. But I don’t know that it’s depression, I can work my way out of the negative thoughts, I just feel… boring and un-fun.

One of the tips I found was to start small, I can do that, I really can. Like I said, I know what I’m suppose to do to have fun, it’s just not bringing me joy. I’m going through the motions easy enough, cooking meals, making the bed etc. Am I wrong to want more than that?


Another tip, look at the wonderful world around you. Yeah, well I live in a pretty bloody beautiful place and I get that. I see that. It’s definitely not making me any more fun.

More tips, spending time with loved ones, which I do as Jay and I work together. Most of my nearest and dearest at about a five hour drive away, so that’s tricky but I see them when I can and I’m hoping to do more of that this year. And, find a hobby or passion project, I have. This is the exact reason I started selling doTERRA essential oils. Because all those years ago I could feel the fun disappearing and I needed to do something that I loved.

What I’m saying, is that I can go through the motions, I can do all things that are ‘supposed’ to be fun, and I want to be fun and it’s just not happening.

So I’m starting with self care. Each day I’m taking supplements, brushing my teeth twice a day, meditating and I’m going to get back into yoga (I mean, I’d better I just bought myself a beautiful but pricy yoga mat) and writing at least three things I’m grateful for each day. But I also want to do small day to day things that shake the fun back into me. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

I’m going to try re-learning to cartwheel, spontaneous dance parties, and just generally appreciating the small things. But even writing them just doesn’t feel fun.



Through The Ranks – my first ever podcast

Through The Ranks podcast cover.png

I love podcasts, particularly those about doTERRA and self help. But after listening to those I could find about doTERRA, I thought how great it’d be to have a podcast that was slightly more relatable. I love listening to podcasts by those who have moved through the ranks and are now sitting at Diamond or Presidential Diamond but what I really wanted to hear was from those doing it just like I am.

So here it is, a podcast for those of us starting out.

In episode one I share a bit about how we got to having doTERRA in our lives, what we’re doing now and why I am building a business. I’d love for you to have a listen and let me know what you think.

My plan is to interview people in the rank I am working towards, once I am aiming for Elite and share one interview and one chatty podcast about how the month went each month.

I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Listen to Through The Ranks on iTunes HERE.

A Cuppa With Clare – November Life Update

I’ve been wanting to update this blog for a while, write a heartfelt post about what we’re doing and how we’re going but the truth is, there’s honestly too much that I just can’t share. There’s too much around living and working at the extraordinary place that isn’t mine to share. I know we all have secrets, the internet is a highlight reel and I think, I hope that we all know that this is the case.

But over the last 18 months, yep, we’re halfway through out tenure, I’ve found that my beloved blog and Instagram account has become more and more filtered. And because of that I’ve been sharing more and more about essential oils. Don’t get me wrong, the oils are a huge part of our lives. Jay aromatically dresses each morning, with patchouli (his favourite) and which ever other oil takes his fancy, Elliot carries his kids kit around and ‘doctor’s’ everyone, and I use them for everything every day. I now find myself offering them not just to our staff but also to teachers, students, and visitors to Wollangarra.

But there’s obviously a lot of other things going on, a lot of great, wonderful amazing things, and a lot of really fucking hard things. And honestly, most of which I just can’t share over the internet. It’s not fair to all the other people involved, the incredible people that I live and work with, the people who have lived and worked at Wollangarra for 30 years and are still so heavily involved, it’s not fair for the young people who come to visit and it’s not fair to you to share those things.

I’d love to have a cuppa with you, to tell you all the things one on one, and sometimes I have a joy of that happening. Where my online world and Wollangarra collide. It’s not often enough.

So here’s a filtered, but true version of what we’ve been up to. I hope that you understand. xx

Doing: Program after program.

Hearing: I’ve been listening to Missy Higgins like a maniac. I’m so excited to be seeing her and John Butler in February.

Drinking: Instant decaf coffee with milk infused with golden syrup. I’m not sure how I’ll even go back to golden-syrup-less milk.

Eating/cooking: So many vegetables. Inspired by Alice Nicholls I’ve been trying to add more veggies to my diet. I’ll eat half a zucchini, some broccoli, asparagus, with two fried eggs, some toasted seeds (because toasted seeds should be added to everything), and some avocado or yoghurt for breakfast. For dinner we either eat with the group, Monday Night Dinner, on you guessed it, Monday (a beanie, tomatoey sauce chocked full with heaps of veg, served with corn chips, rice, cheese and salad), Thursday Night Roast, which is now a lamb stew served on Thursdays, with balanced greens and roast potatoes. When we get to choose it’s usually meat and five veg.

We’ve been lucky enough to have wood fired pizza at a friends house recently.IMG_6469.jpg

Wanting: Lots of nothing really. Life is good and is treating us well, but I can’t help but to want for some one on one time with Jay, more time to work on my doTERRA business, and for our Christmas break to be here.

Looking: Forward to a few things.

Deciding: On what to have for dinner, I’m thinking a veggie curry, that’s if Jay reads my mind and brings coconut milk powder home tonight.

Enjoying: Some of the simple things that make life easier.

Savouring: Some quiet time, while I’m supposed to be working the boys have been out. We also have an amazing helper up at the moment, a retired teacher, who’s just like having your grandma come and stay. Yesterday, she and Elliot baked some delicious chocolatey biscuits, and it gave me a chance to answer the phone (there’s a lot of that in my job) and clean our room.IMG_6488.jpg

Watching: Fear the Walking Dead, when we get a chance. With no electricity and no internet, watching things is tricky.

Reading: Two Steps Forward by Graeme Simpson and Anne Buist was a lovely read. And I’m really enjoying Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas. Both were borrowed, one from the library and the other from a friend of my mum and dad’s.

Wearing: Usually jeans or shorts and a Wollangarra work shirt, today, my pyjamas.

Buying: So many little bits and pieces to support my doTERRA customers, if you’re keen to see what they are sign up to my newsletter to find out next months promotions. And essential oils, of course!

Planning: For next weekend, next month, next year. Things don’t stop around here and while we get a break over Christmas, we go straight from this years staff team, to next years staff team with an overlap. So planning is keeping me sane.

Craving: Some more time.

Loving: Baths! We have a beautiful outside bath at our little cottage and when I can I soak in it with 1/2 cup of bi-carb, 1 cup epsom salts, some doTERRA body wash and off course some essential oils.img_6147.jpg

Playing: Sane mostly, fake it until you make it right 😁

Feeling: Full, busy, satisfied, alone, surrounded by people, so thankful, frustrated, over joyed, sad, happy and all of the other feels.

This post is inspired by Heidi and Pip. I’d also love to hear from you, so I created a small version for you to share on your Instagram Stories, I’d love for you to tag me so I can see what you’ve been doing.

This Month....png

BOGO is back!

If you haven’t participated in one of doTERRA’s BOGOs before you just aren’t living (ha!). It’s the most FUN and CHEAPEST way to score a bunch of oils. Whether that’s topping up your own collection, getting new oils or getting some extra oils to give as gifts this year.

From tomorrow (Monday 19th) to Friday (23rd), I’ll endeavor announce (life with limited internet service!) the daily deals as soon as they are announced by doTERRA.

If you’re a seasoned BOGO’er, you’ll know how incredibly generous (and FUN) BOGO week is. AND how quickly the BOGO deals get snapped up.

So as soon as they’re announced, jump in to your wholesale account (mydoterra.com) to purchase your daily BOGO.

Not yet a customer?

Setup your wholesale account today to purchase the BOGO at the wholesale price (25% off). Head over here to find out more.

You can do this by either choosing a starter kit or purchasing the wholesale access pass from the kit screen (called the enrolment package)
Note – all starter kits have the oils/products bundled at a lower price and waive the fee for the $35 wholesale access pass!
I’ve listed the simple steps down below …

Get ready for one of the most fun weeks of the year!

How to buy BOGO’s

If you already have a wholesale account:

Simply log in to mydoterra.com using your id # and password.

Click ‘shop’, and the appropriate category for that day. For example, if the BOGO is “Buy one Grapefruit get a free Lemongrass,” you would select “Single Oils,” search for Grapefruit, and select “Add to Cart.” Once you have finished shopping, click “Proceed to Checkout.” The free Lemongrass will automatically be added to your cart. Easy breezy.

You can purchase up to 5 BOGOs each day!

Most people with a wholesale account will order the daily BOGO through the Loyalty Rewards Cart (LRP) so that they can earn all of their shipping costs back. And when you order through LRP – if your order is at least 50v you will also earn at least 10% back in free product points!

To do this – keep your LRP order in place that you have setup for next month,  and each day of the bogo – just click the ‘create additional LRP button’ to create a second LRP template just for BOGOs. Delete this BOGO tempate you’ve setup after BOGO week so that you don’t receive 2 LRP orders the following month!

If you do NOT currently have a Wholesale Customer account:

It is how over 5 million people in doTERRA purchase! You simply set it up for $35 and you receive 25% off for the entire year! You can then purchase the BOGO oil at 25% off too!

To set it up – you will need the enroller ID of the doTERRA leader that invited you here. If that person was me – click here. After you enter your info you can either choose to enroll with a starter kit or with just the wholesale account by selecting the ‘Introductory Package’ . Then you can add however many BOGOs you’d like to your cart at 25% off.  For example, if the BOGO is “Buy one Grapefruit get a free Lemongrass,” you would type ‘grapefruit’ into the cart section and proceed to checkout. The lemongrass will be automatically added to your cart.

Once you’ve opened your wholesale customer acct – you’ll have a full year of purchasing at 25% off whenever you want to shop from your personal online store!

If you have any questions, you know where to find me!

Some FAQ’s about doTERRA

I thought it’d be fun to share some questions I get asked about doTERRA a lot. Maybe some of these are questions you’ve been asking yourself. Maybe some of these questions are the reason you haven’t got your first oils yet.

I don’t want to join a cult.
It’s not a cult but there are a lot of loved up oil users, so I can understand why you may think that.

Are there any minimum order expectations to stay active?
Nope. No expectations at all. It’s a $35 enrolment fee initially, and then $25 each year for reenrollment, and with that you get a free Peppermint oil, which costs $26!

They’re really expensive.
They’re not cheep, but you’re paying for quality. Also there’s about 50 lemons used to make a 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil. That bottle costs $13.50. How much would 50 lemons cost? But also, there’s no expectations and commitment, so you can buy as many or as few oils as you like.

You mean they’re for more than just emotional benefits? They’re more than just pretty smells?
Yep the reason I have so many oils is for topical use. A lot of pain related oils for big days on the Wollangarra flat. Each oil really does have so many uses, emotional and physical.

Do you eat them? Rub them on your skin? Or What?
You can diffuse them in a cold steam diffuser, use them topically on your skin as a purefume or for aches and pains, or you can use them as a food additive, choc orange bliss balls? Yes please!

How will I know how to use them?
That’s why doTERRA is a Multi Level Marketing company. You get education from the people you signed up with. They will help you find resources, which books and apps are great. But also feel free to do your own research, there’s amazing Facebook groups out there and Pinterest is a treasure trove of information.


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