Catering for Wilderness First Aid

Each year at Wollangarra the staff team go through a huge amount of training to get them prepared for the year ahead. There’s really no qualifications needed for our Outdoor Leader positions (more and more we are finding that we’re getting outdoor qualified applicants) but mostly we look for enthusiasm and an understanding of the Wollangarra philosophies. So once the staff start in January there’s about two months of training ahead of them, mental health first aid, food handling, bronze medallion, tractor training, chainsaw training, 4 wheel driving, Wilderness First Aid, as well as all the in house on site and … Continue reading Catering for Wilderness First Aid

Finding joy

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I was no longer fun. I’d lost the fun in my life and I didn’t even know where to start to find it. Honestly, I’d stopped looking because that’s just what life had become, but then I realised that I owed it to myself to find my fun. The post had such beautiful feedback, with a lot of you feeling the same, but also some lovely suggestions on where I could start looking. And well, I thought with so many of you in a similar position to me, that you might … Continue reading Finding joy

I’m not fun anymore

I’ve always claimed that I’m not funny. Honestly, usually just saying, ‘I’m not funny’ gets a laugh. But recently I’ve noticed that I’m not having fun, I’m not fun. I know how to have fun. The things you do to have fun, hang out with friends, doing cartwheels, going for a swim, dancing in the rain etc. But honestly, there’s just not that much joy coming from them. I wrote on Instagram how last year was tough, but honestly I think I can remember the fun being sucked out of me slowly over the last two, maybe even four years. … Continue reading I’m not fun anymore

Through The Ranks – my first ever podcast

I love podcasts, particularly those about doTERRA and self help. But after listening to those I could find about doTERRA, I thought how great it’d be to have a podcast that was slightly more relatable. I love listening to podcasts by those who have moved through the ranks and are now sitting at Diamond or Presidential Diamond but what I really wanted to hear was from those doing it just like I am. So here it is, a podcast for those of us starting out. In episode one I share a bit about how we got to having doTERRA in … Continue reading Through The Ranks – my first ever podcast

A Cuppa With Clare – November Life Update

I’ve been wanting to update this blog for a while, write a heartfelt post about what we’re doing and how we’re going but the truth is, there’s honestly too much that I just can’t share. There’s too much around living and working at the extraordinary place that isn’t mine to share. I know we all have secrets, the internet is a highlight reel and I think, I hope that we all know that this is the case. But over the last 18 months, yep, we’re halfway through out tenure, I’ve found that my beloved blog and Instagram account has become … Continue reading A Cuppa With Clare – November Life Update

BOGO is back!

If you haven’t participated in one of doTERRA’s BOGOs before you just aren’t living (ha!). It’s the most FUN and CHEAPEST way to score a bunch of oils. Whether that’s topping up your own collection, getting new oils or getting some extra oils to give as gifts this year. From tomorrow (Monday 19th) to Friday (23rd), I’ll endeavor announce (life with limited internet service!) the daily deals as soon as they are announced by doTERRA. If you’re a seasoned BOGO’er, you’ll know how incredibly generous (and FUN) BOGO week is. AND how quickly the BOGO deals get snapped up. So … Continue reading BOGO is back!

Some FAQ’s about doTERRA

I thought it’d be fun to share some questions I get asked about doTERRA a lot. Maybe some of these are questions you’ve been asking yourself. Maybe some of these questions are the reason you haven’t got your first oils yet. I don’t want to join a cult. It’s not a cult but there are a lot of loved up oil users, so I can understand why you may think that. Are there any minimum order expectations to stay active? Nope. No expectations at all. It’s a $35 enrolment fee initially, and then $25 each year for reenrollment, and with … Continue reading Some FAQ’s about doTERRA