MS Understood Ep 2: Emma Giunti

In todays episode we chat with Emma Giunti, Mum of two young girls, yogi and passionate MS ambassador who is ready to kiss goodbye to MS. Emma was diagnosed 10 years ago and hasn’t let her diagnosis get in her way. Links mentioned in the podcast: Find Emma on Instagram – 31 Red Days GarthContinue reading “MS Understood Ep 2: Emma Giunti”

A really lovely weekend in photos

You know those perfect days, weekends of just normal, wonderful life? Well last weekend was one of those. The days flew by far too quickly, but if every day could be like these few days then I’d be a very happy woman. The had marshmallows, nibble platters, friends drop by, lazy mornings in bed withContinue reading “A really lovely weekend in photos”

I’m scared to commit to plastic free July

Over the years we have reduced our single use plastic and waste. We tend not to drink take away coffee and when we do we use our reusable mugs. We use reusable bags when we do our groceries. We buy a local veggie box once a fortnight that has no plastic. We use our sodaContinue reading “I’m scared to commit to plastic free July”