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You’ve been wanting to bake your own sourdough for ages. You keep seeing it everywhere. It can’t be that hard…? It isn’t! And do I have the course for you!

Back Home Bundle

SOURDOUGH STARTER & EBOOK: Have you ever wanted to make your own sourdough bread but haven’t been sure where to start? Ever had a starter and it ‘died’? Haven’t been able to get your hands on your very own sourdough starter? Well, here is the perfect place to start! You will get a dried sourdoughContinue reading “Back Home Bundle”

Sourdough eCourse You’ve always wanted to bake sourdough at home. Here’s a simple ecourse! Blog I share tips, recipes, life hacks & so much more via my Instagram stories. Come and hang out! Purchase Essential Oils Get essential oils into your home, get my support & see how these bottles can change your life. PopularContinue reading

Sourdough Waffles

I have this wonderful group on Facebook for anyone who has purchased a sourdough starter and ebook kit, or attended a sourdough workshop in Geelong at Little Green Corner. In this group people share their successes, their failures, ask questions, and share recipes that have worked wonderfully. One recipe that I recently loved the ideaContinue reading “Sourdough Waffles”