I’m scared to commit to plastic free July

Over the years we have reduced our single use plastic and waste. We tend not to drink take away coffee and when we do we use our reusable mugs. We use reusable bags when we do our groceries. We buy a local veggie box once a fortnight that has no plastic. We use our sodaContinue reading “I’m scared to commit to plastic free July”

How to save money when you’re not earning anything.

You know when you come across something at the exact right time you were meant to find it? Well, this happened to me yesterday. It was Boxing Day and I was lying in bed getting lost in YouTube (do you say in YouTube?) and I came across this video. This video changed the way thatContinue reading “How to save money when you’re not earning anything.”

Start Here

If you’re like most of my readers you’re striving to live a low-tax, simple and local life. You’re committed to reducing the waste you produce in your home, making more things from scratch, attempting to grow some of your own fruits and vegetables, saving money where you can and reducing the toxic load in yourContinue reading “Start Here”

As Seen On

  A segment on The Today Show Channel 9 (watch here) ~ September 2016 Article in That’s Life magazine ~ October 2016 A guest on 774 ABC Radio with Clare Bowditch (listen here) ~ October 2016 A guest on The Aussie Blogger Podcast (listen here) ~ September 2016 A segment on The Daily Edition Channel 7Continue reading “As Seen On”