Lunch at Merne – 9th wedding anniversary

Each year for our wedding anniversary we like to celebrate in style and enjoy a multi-course dinner. For our first anniversary we went to Loam, our second we ate at Brae, for our third we went to Oakdene Estate, we celebrated at Little Green Corner for our forth, our fifth anniversary we enjoyed a meal at IGNI, we actually didn’t spend a night out for our sixth and our seventh we enjoyed dinner at The Long Paddock. And last year, for our eighth we spent a night in Melbourne and went for dinner at Lesa.

Things look a little different this year. Jay has been working night shifts for about 12 months now and our anniversary feel on the day between two shifts. So her drove home from Melbourne, arriving home a 7:30am, slept for 3 hours then got ready for lunch.

Merne is actually the same venue that Loam was for our first wedding anniversary, so that was fun to revisit. It was a Thursday lunch, Jay was heading back to Melbourne that night and we had to pick Elliot up from school. It wasn’t our usual ambling, boozy meal we had had in the past for our anniversaries but it was still divine.

I’ve been eating a bit differently and the crew at Merne were super accomodating. We got a vegan option and a meat option for Jay each course that it was necessary and we shared any fish and seafood options.

Our first course involved four tasting options, the delicious olives grown on site in a delicious herby marinade. Then we had two options with brick pastry, pickled watermelon, Jay’s had jamon. A delicious salad with charred seasonal fruit, walnuts, radicchio, mine was on a macadamia nut puree and Jay’s on a delicious creamy cheese. And finally, fish with avocado, radish and finger lime.

Our second course was two different dishes. Scallops with fennel, nori, capers, was a smack in the face of ocean flavour. Its as served with a creamy pea puree which has dairy in it, so I didn’t have that. The next course was a kangaroo with a herby buckwheat risotto and my option was roasted pumpkin, cabbage, macadamia nut puree and pickled walnuts. This was possibly my highlight of the meal.

By this point was full and we were yet to be served mains. We’d chosen a vegan option and a fish option so that we could share, these were brought out side as well. A seasonal charred veggie salad, to which Jay added halloumi, two options then as Jay was given corn bread and I was given smokey cabbage.

At this point it was just before 3pm and we had to rush off to pick up Elliot from school, so we packed up our left overs from our mains and got our dessert to go.

Jay headed back to work that night, and I could have eaten the left over salad after putting Elliot to be, but instead I dove straight into dessert.

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