An Abundance of Nectarines

Late last week I woke early one morning and after a study session I went back to our room to say good morning to Jay. I could sense something was off, so I poked and prodded and eventually found that the abundance of ripe nectarines on our tree was stressing him out.

‘There’s so much fruit on our tree and it’s rotting on the tree and it’s stressing me out. It was so much easier when there was only seven big nectarines last year. Why can’t they ripen one at a time, you know, this one’s ready to, the next tomorrow.’ He said, frowning, clearly exacerbated by our beautiful abundance of fruit.

We started picking a few to munch on, the white flesh juicy, dripping over our chins and hands as we devoured the over ripe fruit.

We had friends coming to visit in a few days, we knew their preserving experience was boundless, and we correctly assumed that they’d help us deal with our glut.

The fruit was picked, chopped and went into one of two pots. Those destined for chunky stewing, or those to become fruit leather. Each 10 Litre pot was put on the stove to cook down with a little water, one left to cook longer than the other. Recycled jars popped into the oven to sterilise, and once hot, the chunky stew fruit was poured in, lids removed from boiling water and expertly tightened.

The second pot had liquid removed, and was blended with a stick blender to a find pulp. Over days we spooned the puree onto plastic sheets in our dehydrator and made the years worth of fruit leather.

I’m loving how productive our garden is this year, and hopefully we can keep it up. I shared more on Instagram about this too.

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